JR7-D Give+ and Take- (4x MPLas, 1x SSRM2, XL300)

Thread in 'JR7-D' started by Christmas Jones, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. Christmas Jones

    Christmas Jones New Member


    Been running this build since I picked up my XL300. I find I do better (dmg wise) with the pulses, and I don't particularly like missles in this game in general ( the dmg tends to hit multiple segments every shot, due to spread/tracking )

    I've shaved down the cockpit and front side torsos cause of the smaller hit boxes, that I never seem to get busted. Leave just enough to survive a lucky ( unlucky ) strike. Had a scare or 2, but have yet to lose an arm or the mech to a head / front side hit.

    Heat seems to be fine, if you work in and out and give it a chance to cool. Definately need to be pro-active on hot maps thou ( I tend to go for chain as opposed to split sets ).
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  2. enileph

    enileph Star Lord

    Well, I think you should leave this build for the relatively crappy JR7-K. The advantage of the D is the 2 missile hardpoints.
  3. Michael

    Michael Grand Poobah Staff Member

    Got to agree here; wrong mech chassis for the build.
  4. Michael Swiderski

    Michael Swiderski New Member

    I gave it 2mpl 2ml and 2ssrm's. Helps me get those piranhas. Chain fire those legs with streak hits.

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