Meme KDK-1 "Inspire Wolf" (2xHLL 6xERML 1xUAC10 1xERPPC XL375)

Thread in 'KDK-1' started by Excalibaard, Jun 14, 2018.

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    We at Alpha Inc. only have the best interests at heart for poor ignored thicc meccs. Whereas the Dire Wolf has already been lifted up by talented colleagues @Remover of Obstacles and @krevLL , The Kodiaks (especially the ones that aren't the -3) have been neglected for too long and are looking for someone to pick them up from the shelter.

    Get your Alpha Kodiak today!
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    It has been brought to the attention of certain individuals that the Kodiak BattleMech has been neglected by us here at Alpha Inc.

    We apologise profusely for this blasphemous oversight and have recently fired (and executed) our Director of Operations, Mr. [REDACTED].

    As our way of apology, please enjoy our unusably hot KDK-1 variants!

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