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KDK-3 "Red Rider" (2x cERPPC, 4x cAC2, cXL375)

Discussion in 'KDK-3' started by Remover of Obstacles, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Remover of Obstacles

    Remover of Obstacles Benefactor


    Sniper build now that PPC/Gauss share ghost heat. That alpha isn't huge, but great range, decent velocity and no gauss charge.

    With macros or good use of weapon groups, the AC2s can be very disruptive. Substitute LBX2s if you prefer.

    The 4x AC2s are heat neutral, so you always have an 11 dps floor.

    I haven't tested this build yet, so the ammo may need adjusting hopefully allowing a TC1.

    If you prefer, you can put both PPCs in one arm and maybe shave a bit of armor to bump the engine up to 380.

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