KFX-PR "Electronics Boat" (3xcERML, 3xcAMS, 1xcTAG, cAP, cECM, cNARC, 2xJJ) +alt

Discussion in 'Kit Fox Builds' started by Arc_, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Arc_

    Arc_ New Member

    I saw a few similar builds, but none with NARC.

    I expected this to be a troll build only, but it actually works fairly well as a support mech. The Active Probe is probably unnecessary though.

    Stay with friendly mechs to provide AMS and ECM cover, use TAG and NARC to help friendly LRM boats, and fire the MLs whenever enemies are in range.

    Alternate version with 1xcERLL rather than 3xcERML

    It loses much of its firepower, but doubles the effective range.

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