KTO-19 "Quarc" (3x LRM10, 2x SL, NARC, TAG, XL280)

Discussion in 'KTO-19' started by Excalibaard, Jun 16, 2016.

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    Kintaros are almost entirely forgotten, but I came across this variant which has a NARC duration quirk nowadays, so I tried to make a self-sustained LRM boat with NARCs. You can also build 2x ML and 2x LRM15, but overall it's a bad idea to equip NARC on here in the first place regardless of quirks. x)

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    Some variation ideas might include using LRM5 + LRM10 + LRM15. That gets you higher sustained dps while being a ton lighter. I haven't tested if the LRM5 counteracts the LRM15 spread. Extra mass could be used to upgrade the slas.

    Also the RT missile point is higher than the CT. I would place the NARC there or in the LA. I do acknowledge that aiming a NARC can be easier on a centerline mount sometimes.
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