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MAD-5M "Dead-Side" (1xAC20, 2xLPLas, JJ, STD300)

Discussion in 'MAD-5M' started by The Shazbot, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. The Shazbot

    The Shazbot New Member

    Features a 42 point alpha that you can dump quickly then turn to present your left side aka "deadside." This side is completely empty of weapons and equipment, and only used as a shield. Wide cockpit windows allow you to use free look to line your shot up while turned without risking too much CT damage. Dual LPLas provide you with a bit of range so you are not useless during mid engagements and cool down is very close to AC20. This is a great right side peeker that I have thoroughly enjoyed playing.

    This build can be done on the MAD-3R, which benefits from more structure quirks but torso twists slower, has less accel/deccel, and doesn't get a JJ or -10% laser duration. I personally prefer a bit of agility and laser duration quirk over a bit of structure any day, at least on this 'Mech.

    Twist right.
    Free look left.
    Wait for cooldown and/or enemy alpha.
    Release free look.

    Like so:

    Last edited: Apr 16, 2017

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