MAD-IIC-A "Arranger" (2xcLBX10, 4xcERML, STD340)

Discussion in 'MAD-IIC-A' started by SirDubba, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. SirDubba

    SirDubba New Member

    On the first day of MADmas... I was enjoying this a lot. Without even the basic efficiencies this 'Mech put out some impressive scores. Nothing too fancy, slow but sturdy.

    Got my basics leveled up fast :)
  2. wargnome

    wargnome New Member

    good idea. ive been using more and more lb10s since the uac nerf. however, did you notice that you could replace your standard 340 with even an xl400 without losing anything? on the contrary, check this out:

    more speed, more heatsinks, better dps

    i have also been using this: a bit more range comes in quite handy till youre close enough for lb10 action:

    albeit slower, this build has more range and better dps than with ML/MPL

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