MAD-IIC-A "One-Punch-MAD" (2xcGauss, 2xcERPPC, STD280)

Thread in 'MAD-IIC-A' started by krevLL, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. krevLL

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    It's a playable version of the Troll-Slug, but considering just how differently it plays, I'm giving it it's own thread. (If mods must conglomerate, please keep this over the Troll-Slug thread, as it is "more viable")

    It started with a ho-hum attitude looking through my mech's. Didn't want to splat, didn't want to laservomit, wasn't feeling LRMs or any hybrid in between those. I just felt like catastrophic PPFLD, so I added sugar, spice, a bit of chemical X, and thus, WarAmp Popeye was born.

    It's slow for a MAD-IIC, but not unplayable so. It runs hot if you keep up sustained PPC fire, but you still get a 30 point strike as you cool off. And that giant meatshield of a torso! It's glorious! Sure, the Scorch can run the same build, but the tankiness from a STD engine and an entire dead side to present on cooldown, that's nice.

    Welp. Guess I'll go revert my -A to the 3xUAC5 build and go buy a -C for this one. One can never own too many Marauder IIC's, after all.
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    Drop armor on left arm and some on legs. And now you can move forward slightly faster :)

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