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Casual MCII-4 "Monsoon" (2xcATM12, 2xcLRM15+AIV, 4xcMPL, cAP, cXL360)

Discussion in 'MCII-4' started by krevLL, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. krevLL

    krevLL Well-Known Member


    You bring the pain, it actually plays like a regular assault in that you want to be fairly close, sub 300m is ideal engagement range for this combination. So you see an Annihilator slowly rolling across terrain, get a lock (or don't, up to you~) and then:
    1) Fire both LRM15s
    2)Wait half a second, fire both ATM12s
    3)Fire the MPLs as both volleys of missiles hit the target.
    Net result is a very nice 130 damage as long as you're under 270m that gets fairly centered on the CT of your target.

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