Solaris MCII-B "King of Swords" (4xcUAC10, 2xcLRM10, cXL325)

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  1. Solaris theory crafting. Poor clans rocket launcher and a bit of extra dps.

    If Solaris is only limited to 2vs2 or 1vs1, ammo should be fine.

    Actually performs better in quickplay.

    Look Ma, no ears.
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  2. Modified for quick play.
  3. Kurbeks

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    UAC10 has ghost heat if fired over 2 guns. Guess you can do them in two groups, but still is way too hot for Div1 mech.
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  4. Yep, two groups of two.

    It is hot. You can lob missiles and stay at low heat as you move into range. Also, I am running double cool shots currently.

    More fun for quick play. Sometimes a light or medium comes in thinking that they have an easy missile boat to gank.

  5. The DPS is nice, the speed is very slow. The heat was getting to be a bit much so I added more cooling.

    Works good with a team that doesn't nascar and remembers to hit R.

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