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Mist Lynx omnipod list

1 rating

Discussion in 'Myst Lynx' started by Durandal, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Durandal

    Durandal Legendary Member

    I can't play right now since I'm waiting for furniture delivery to show up (fuckers), so I figured I'd amass a quick list of the omnipods and their stats. So, here we go:

    N/A (all heads the same)
    Right Torso: (no hardpoints on any RT)
    Prime: 10% torso turn rate (Yaw)
    B: 20% bonus to armor
    C: 7.5% torso turn angle (yaw)
    Left Torso: (no hardpoints on any LT)
    Prime: 10% torso turn rate (Yaw)
    B: 20% bonus to armor
    C: 7.5% torso turn angle (yaw)
    Center Torso: N/A, all torsos the same with no hardpoints
    Right Arm:

    Prime: 2 Ballistic, 1 Energy, no quirks
    B: 1 Energy, 2 Missile, no quirks
    C: 2 Energy, energy heat generation -5%
    Left Arm:
    Prime: 1 Missile, missile cooldown +5%
    B: 2 Energy, no quirks
    C: 1 AMS, 1 ECM, no quirks
    Legs: N/A, all the same with a 0.6 add'l structure quirk on each

    I wasn't too sure how I felt about this mech...it's a 25 ton light that, like the KFX, moves very slowly, which means it's vulnerable to a lot of the new IS metas like the SPL Firestarter or the DRG-1N. It can mount ECM with a single AMS, but that means you're generally going to be making a sniper build, or maybe a NARCer with the C or B right arms. With no torso hardpoint options, you're going to be hurting for damage potential if you use the LA-C, and people will know where to shoot before long to disarm you completely. Interestingly, every one of them comes stock with a cAP already installed, which caught me by surprise. The Prime stock loadout is a joke though, featuring a goofy design with 1 cLRM10, 1 cSSRM4, 2 cMGs, and a cAP. Quite literally one of the worst stock builds I think I've seen PGI put out there. ;)

    Edit: Worth noting, I guess the cAP is hard wired, so it can't be moved to other mechs, or taken out to free up a ton for a laser. It's in the head for each omnipod.

    Edit 2: Stock, they put almost no armor on the legs and arms...so expect to strip something if you want to have any armor at all. With the ECM and a single cERLL, you have a mere annoyance of a paperweight. ;) But you should be able to max armor without the cERML and cAMS...
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2014
  2. Remarius

    Remarius Space Pimp

    TBH I've been playing with mine and they jump extremely well but that's about their advantage. The ECM arm costs you half your armament and that really hurts but then max armour really hurts too..... weird mech.

    Take the shock absorption module... you do NEED it.

    Practice jumping on the test grounds before you drop properly - you will thank me. ;)
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  3. MightyBolamite

    MightyBolamite Junior Member

    Thanks for this. So much easier than trying to scroll through the notes.
  4. bleeker

    bleeker New Member

    sounds like you're better off buying the B torso O/Pods for that 20% armour bonus...
  5. Durant Carlyle

    Durant Carlyle Space Pimp

    I use the Prime LT and the C RT, for the torso turn rate and torso turn angle bonuses. Haven't needed the armor strength bonus yet -- have yet to even lose an arm or a leg...
  6. enileph

    enileph Space Pimp

    Thank dude. Was about to do this.
    B or C side torsos.
    The ECM is not as good as expected. You have to put all your weapons in your RA then. Not a good thing.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2014
  7. LT Satisfactory

    LT Satisfactory Benefactor

    Do you think the armor bonus applies to all mech parts or just that particular side torso? I assume it's the whole mech and that makes it a complete no-brainer to pick over the others in my opinion.
  8. Polekitty

    Polekitty New Member

    Just a note on the original poster's inference that PGI comes up with silly stock builds. The stock builds on mechs are based on the traditional Battletech rules. The Mist Lynx Prime is no different. For example, see: http://www.sarna.net/wiki/Mist_Lynx

    Not arguing that the stock build isn't useless.
  9. Stooge 3

    Stooge 3 Junior Member

    I think the bonus only applies to the torsos. My reason for that is that it seems to specify what is getting the bonus in brackets.
  10. LT Satisfactory

    LT Satisfactory Benefactor

    Probably right about the armor bonus only applying to it's side torso. In that case, it makes it a little tougher of a call on which pod to take, as arms blow off before ST it seems to me.
  11. PyckenZot

    PyckenZot Benefactor

    +1*10^e to that,...

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