NTG-D 'Chimaera' (2xcUAC10, 2xcSRM6+A, 2xcERML)

Discussion in 'Night Gyr Builds' started by Flokoloko, May 1, 2017.

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    So I got myself 3 NTG some time ago, but I couldn`t get any setup really running for me (Gaus + ERPPC Sniper, DAKKA in different variations, the only build working a little was 2xGauss and 3-4 ERML).

    So I tested some new ideas and came up with this one:


    You can play it with any other NTG Chassis, just switch the head mounted ERML for a MPL and it works similar.

    Here some screenshots (mixed with the 1xMPL Variant):

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