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PATCH NOTES - 1.4.58 - 15-MAR-2016 (Part 2)

Discussion in 'MWO News and Information' started by Blagg Zear, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Moderator Staff Member

    PART 2

    New Pilot Model

    An entirely new Pilot Model has been added to the game, replacing the original.
    Future plans are to introduce a female model for selection, distinct uniforms for Clan and Inner Sphere, and the ability to customize color channels.


    Texture Upgrades

    All 'Mechs and all Patterns that had a maximum texture resolution below 2048x2048 (2k) have been upgraded to a maximum texture resolution of 2k. As a result of this upgrade, and due to an overall adjustment in the way texture files are structured behind-the-scenes, the March 15th patch will be significantly larger than our usual patches, weighing in at approximately 7GB. We apologize for any frustration this patch size may cause, but the end result will be worth it.

    This upgrade will be most noticeable for the older 'Mechs in particular, as certain newer 'Mechs, such as the Mauler, were already at a maximum texture resolution of 2k.
    A comparison image has been provided below to display the specific texture resolution employed for each Quality setting, and to demonstrate the overall improvement to texture fidelity you'll see in this patch.


    Map and Game Mode Voting Screen Changes

    • Once you cast a vote you will now be locked in to that selection.
    • Vote percentages for the Map or Game Mode will now only be revealed after you cast a vote.

    Team Kill/Team Damage Penalty System

    The automated penalty system releasing in this patch is intended to penalize players who consistently engage in play behavior that results in Team Kills and/or excessive amounts of Team Damage.

    The following actions will trigger this penalty system:

    1 Team Kill = 1 Penalty strike
    x amount of Team Damage = 1 Penalty strike

    The damage threshold required for receiving a Penalty strike for Team Damage will not be made public at this time.

    Multiple Penalty strikes can be received in a single match.

    Example: During Match 1, 'Player A' racks up an amount of Team Damage that doubles the Penalty threshold for Team Damage. They also perpetrate 1 Team Kill. As a result of these three actions, 'Player A' will be hit with a 5 minute delay for their next matchmaking search.

    Example: During Match 1, 'Player B' racks up an amount of Team Damage that triples the Penalty threshold for Team Damage. They also perpetrate 2 Team Kills. As a result of these five actions, 'Player B' will be hit with a 20 minute delay for their next matchmaking search. After waiting 20 minutes 'Player B' drops into Match 2 and perpetrates just 1 Team Kill; they do not hit the penalty threshold for Team Damage. As they are already at the Fifth Penalty strike from their previous match, and the four-hour Penalty reset has not yet occurred, they are hit with another 20 minute delay to their next matchmaking search.

    The breakdown of the current penalty levels follow the same structure as the existing Disconnect Penalty system:

    First Penalty: 10 second delay for next matchmaking search.
    Second Penalty: 2 minute delay for next matchmaking search.
    Third Penalty: 5 minute delay for next matchmaking search.
    Fourth Penalty: 10 minute delay for next matchmaking search.
    Fifth Penalty: 20 minute delay for next matchmaking search.

    Each subsequent penalty beyond the Fifth will also enforce a 20 minute penalty.

    Penalty levels reset every 4 hours.

    All of the above values are tune-able, and may be subject to change depending on how the system plays out in the general population.

    Along with this new Penalty System, every point of Team Damage you inflict will now incur a -21 C-Bill penalty to your End of Round rewards.

    Alpine Peaks Spawn Point Changes

    In an effort to revitalize gameplay on the Alpine Peaks Quick Play map, our Community Manager Tina Benoit recently canvassed the forums for input from the players. After examining all of the proposals in great depth, we have made modifications to the objective and spawn locations based most closely on input from the player "TygerLily".

    For Assault, the new spawns should improve balance by de-emphasizing a reliance on the large central mountain.


    For Skirmish, the action has been moved entirely to the lesser-used lower regions of the map, nearer to the frozen lake than the central mountain.


    For Conquest, generally seen as the favorite Game Mode for Alpine Peaks, the spawns have been moved closer together but are otherwise mostly unchanged.


    Changes to Base/Capture Point Mechanics

    The behavior of Base and Capture Point beams has been adjusted to provide better visual feedback on the current status of the Base or Capture Point.

    • Solid Blue - Team Controlled

    • Blinking Blue - Team Capping

    • Solid Red - Enemy Controlled

    • Blinking Red - Enemy Capping

    • Solid White - Neutral

    • Blinking White - Capture attempt is being contested.

    • Shooting an enemy 'Mech while it is attempting to capture a Base or Capture Point in the Assault, Conquest, or Domination Game Modes will now suspend its capture attempt for 5 seconds, regardless of whether or not that 'Mech has any allies within the Base or Capture Point.
    • Assault Game Mode: The maximum number of 'Mechs on a team that can actively contribute to the Capture of a Base has been increased from 8 to 12.

    Conquest Game Mode Changes

    • All Capture Points now begin as Neutral; there is no 'team base' Capture Point.
    • A Conquest Victory can no longer be achieved simply by destroying the enemy. In order to emerge victorious you must either:

    • acquire the maximum number of Conquest Resource points (750) or

    • control the most amount of Conquest Resources when the match timer expires

    • If all 'Mechs on a team are destroyed before the outcome of the match is decided, the destroyed team can still Spectate from each of the Capture Points.

    Flamer Weapon Changes

    Changes have been made to the Weapon Group HUD to provide players with visual feedback on their progress toward triggering the exponential heat generation when engaging Flamer weapons:

    • The standard Cooldown Bar for a Flamer in the Weapon Group HUD will now gradually increase as the Flamer is engaged; the bar will appear yellow during this build-up phase.
    • The Flamer Cooldown Bar will turn red when the Flamer has been engaged long enough to start generating an exponential amount of heat in the firing 'Mech.
    • The Flamer Cooldown bar will revert to yellow when the Flamer has been disengaged and the bar has begun to deplete.
    • Engaging a Flamer during this depletion phase will cause the gauge to start increasing again.
    • The above behaviors will apply to all Flamers that are equipped, regardless of whether they are being fired.

    Gameplay Fixes and Changes

    • Improvements have been made to the 'Mech movement code to provide more consistent mobility over small objects or areas of a map that should be easily traversed, such as rocks or inclined terrain.
    • Fixed an issue where NARC and TAG were not functional in Testing Grounds or in the MechWarrior Academy.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Heat Generation to spike if an Arm component was destroyed while it was firing a Flamer.
    • Fixed an issue where the Weapon Cooldown Bar for Flamers would not turn red.
    • Fixed an issue where Crit Chance percentages would decrease at each level of Targeting Computer, instead of increase.

    Map Fixes and Changes

    • Viridian Bog: Fixed a lighting issue with Standing Cockpit Items.

    'Mech Fixes and Changes

    • Adder: Fixed an issue where the Cup Of Pop Standing Item would clip through the cockpit.
    • All 'Mechs: Reduced the maximum number of Cockpit Monitors to 4, and adjusted placements where necessary to prevent obstruction of the view through Cockpit.
    • Black Knight: Fixed an issue where certain Cockpit Items could clip through the glass.
    • Dire Wolf: Fixed an issue where certain Cockpit Items could clip with the Cockpit geometry.
    • King Crab: Patched a hole in the cockpit that could be seen using free look.
    • Kit Fox: Fixed an issue with the appearance of the .50 Cal Necklace Hanging Item in the Cockpit Item screen.
    • Kit Fox: Fixed an issue where the cockpit would appear to tilt to the left while running.
    • Mist Lynx: Fixed an issue where certain Cockpit Items could appear mostly or entirely out of view.
    • Orion IIC: Fixed an issue where the Left Arm was missing a Laser lens.
    • Panther PNT-10P: Fixed an issue with the display of certain Patterns over Ballistic weaponry.
    • Spider: Fixed an issue where one of the Cockpit Monitors could obstruct Hanging Items.
    • Stalker: Fixed an issue where destroyed Weapon Doors could float in the air for a period of time.
    • Stalker: Adjusted or removed Cockpit Monitors that were oversized.
    • Stalker: Fixed an issue with the appearance of Faction Warhorns.
    • Summoner SMN-B: Fixed an issue where the LT OmniPod listed an Additional Structure (RT) +15% Quirk. It is now an LT Quirk.
    • Warhammer: Fixed an issue with missing geometry on one of the Cockpit bars.

    Other Fixes and Changes

    • Fixed an issue where Warhorns would not play.
    • A Server Status news marquee has been added to all front-end menu's that will notify you in advance of server downtime from maintenance or patches.
    • Fixed an issue where the cursor would jump to the MechWarrior Online game window when the window didn't have focus.
    • Fixed an issue where 'Mechs could appear to have default Colors applied upon first logging in, when custom Colors are actually applied.
    • Fixed an issue where the pilot hand could appear to distort when moving forward.
    • Fixed an issue where the Minimize/Maximize arrows would not update in Home menu Pilot Information windows.
    • Fixed an issue where the wings of the Jade Falcon Hanging Item were partially transparent.
    • Commentator Tool (Private Matches): A toggle has been added for different camera modes( Free/Dolly Camera). It is mapped to the 'C' key by default.
    • Commentator Tool (Private Matches): Free/Dolly Camera toggle control can be re-mapped in the Settings screen.
    • Commentator Tool (Private Matches): Fixed an issue where the correct Game Mode information was not displayed when a Commentator spectated a 'Mech.
    • Commentator Tool (Private Matches): Fixed an issue where pressing another direction immediately after releasing a directional button could stop all movement.
    • Fixed an issue where Beam weapons were not tapering off correctly.

    SOURCE: http://mwomercs.com/news/2016/03/1498-patch-notes-1458-15mar2016
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2016

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