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Pirates' Bane 'Perfect Scout' (2xML, 2xERSL, 2xLMG, ECM, XL190)

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Discussion in 'Pirates' Bane' started by Aylek, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Aylek

    Aylek Administrator Staff Member


    This is a direct descendant of @Gamer Celestia 's 'True Scout' build from Nov. 2014. It's a build I liked and played a lot on the PB and it was one of the first mechs I updated with the Civil War technology when it was released.

    The optimal range of all three weapon types is pretty close, and as a result this builds plays even better then the original one. There's enough LMG ammo to spam the MGs for a whole QP match. I started out with a single point in the ballistic ammo node I took prior to the Civil War update, but consequently scraped it as soon as I saw the ammo count for the LMGs.

    Enjoy this little ankle biter!
  2. Anunaki

    Anunaki Junior Member

    This does make this bug come to life! It does use heat vs damage much better then a similar build I am currently running, which is 2 tons of ammo and 4 ER Small because I like to have one less thing to worry about (Heat) when I play lights (as I tend to suck with them). Of course I am waisting the heat of course and giving up better alpha, but I can fire none stop and concentrate on movement and staying alive. LOL
  3. deRiper

    deRiper New Member

    My main build with stealth and DHS. Good optimal for all weapon, not much heat, can make 2-3 alfa in stealth. Very fun.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2017
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