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PNT-10P "RACat2" (2x RAC2, 225XL)

Discussion in 'PNT-10P' started by the boneshaman, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. the boneshaman

    the boneshaman Active Member


    this was sent tome by The Verge to help out in the build

    looks like I could work.

    when I was working on it I thought I didn't have enough space for the external DHS. so I didn't give it a smaller engine.
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  2. Hotdook

    Hotdook New Member

    I would think you could drop the engine for a few JJ. RAC2s have some range, I wonder how the RAC2 works when jumping...
  3. Archwright

    Archwright Benefactor

    RACs don't play nice while jumping, but the ability to jump can really open up the map for you.

    I'm no fan of the RAC/2 the fact that the windup contributes to your jam-meter is so frustrating to me. It makes it impossible--for me at least--to keep the RACs spun up.

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