Pretty Baby "All Purpose Cleaner" (1x ERPPC, 1x ERLLas, 1x LRM10, 2x SRM4, XL400)

Thread in 'Pretty Baby' started by ShadowedR, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. ShadowedR

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    Yuck. What a horrible Mech.
    Ever since Ghost Heat and PPC nerf, AWS's have taken a hit in general, not too mention the retarded cousin, Pretty Baby.

    But this Mech ain't all that bad, if you know how to handle her:

    See, the PB can do something right

    Why this build and this Mech works, at least for me:

    1. Its fast. Faster than all of the assaults, most heavies and some mediums.
    - This allows for excellent positional play. Proper positioning and movement outweighs any build, any day.

    2. Its got a lot of tank, for the speed its running at.
    - Yes, not as much as every other assault and the XL does make it vulnerable, but its still a lot more tank than the Mediums / Heavies it outpaces

    3. Its got a lot of versatility.
    - You can shoot all the time. Energy Weapons allow for direct fire support. ERPPC allows you to snap a few shots off, while on the run. LRM10 gives you that indirect damage contribution and doubles as an excellent addition to damage when brawling over 300m - 400m. SRM4's are an absolute joy to use. quickly snap off a few SRM's on the opponent's cockpit.

    4. It brawls like a boss.
    That screen shot up top? First kill was sniping with PPC and LRM, then it was 1 vs 3 (Hunchback, Dragon, Catapult).
    I walked out of there after killing all 3 of them solo, snapped another LRM + PPC kill and finally taking out another hunchback, 1 v 1.

    The Mech isn't pretty on paper. Not by a mile. Her real strength lies in speed and how much you can accomplish, if you know what you are doing.
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  2. Blagg Zear

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    I like the Concept, though i think it should have more Heatsinks and Missiles Power:

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  3. ShadowedR

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    I've found the LRM10 more than adequate, if used over 300 - 600m, although a LRM15 does add to the overall damage output.

    I like getting to the fights fast and rely on every ounce of speed I can get from the chassis to stay in the fight.
    Personal preference though.

    As for heat, this Mech runs hot, all the time. You never alpha strike unless it is to secure a kill.
    As for the LL and PPC: The PPC is used for long range snipe shots only, or quick snap shots over medium range. You'll be torso twisting a lot in this Mech, so it is important to be able to quickly fire and carry on twisting to spread damage as much as possible.

    LL is used for when you and your target are locked in a fight or you are barreling down on your target.
    In conjunction with the SRM's, this makes for fun brawling. Id you are outside of 270, suppliment your LL fire with the LRM.

    Speed and versatility :cool:

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