Pretty Baby 'Howling Baby' (2x LRM15, 2x LLas, 1x LRM5, 1x TAG, BAP, AMS, XL325)

Thread in 'Pretty Baby' started by Aylek, Jan 2, 2016.

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    This variant honestly fails to disappoint me yet. I am half way through to unlocking the master slot already and tried it as a LRM boat for the first time now - wow!

    Anecdotical evidence:



    Very strong direct and indirect firing power, quick, quite tanky (for a running barn door) and equipped with TAG, BAP and AMS for all the utility needed. Oh, and devastating quirks for this role:


    Additional Structure Center Torso +25
    Additional Structure L/R Arm +13
    Additional Structure L/R Torso +14
    Energy Weapon Cooldown 20%
    Energy Weapon Heat Generation -10%
    Energy Weapon Range 15%
    Missile Weapon Cooldown 20%
    Missile Weapon Heat Generation -15%
    Missile Weapon Velocity 10%
    Acceleration 45%
    Deceleration 45%
    Turn Rate 20%
    Torso Angle Yaw +10°
    Torso Yaw Speed 45%

    Recommended modules for this build:
    - Advanced Target Decay
    - Radard Depreviation / Seismic Sensor
    - LRM 15 Cool Down
    - Large Lase Cool Down
    - Improved UAV

    Recommended weapon groups for this build:
    1: Large Laser (LT)
    2: Large Laser (RA)
    3: TAG
    4: all LRMs (grouped; change to chain fire when running hot or to pressure your target)

    As a final note it DOES matter in which order you are mounting the LA's launchers. The first launcher you put into the LA will be the one near the mech's left hand while the second one will take the slot near the left shoulder. So if you put in the LRM 5 first and the LRM 15 second both your big launchers will be mounted high and you'll be able to peak over ridges pretty easy.
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    My version, took the old girl out for a spin:

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    Looks good as well. Will give it a try later today.

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