Pretty Baby "Sated Baby" (3x LRM15+A, 2x SLas, AMS, TAG, BAP, XL300) +alt

Thread in 'Pretty Baby' started by agbaphomet, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. agbaphomet

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    This is my favorite LRM-Boat.
    Nice alphastrike, good dps, dense grouping of missiles. Very deadly against large targets like the King Crab, Dire Wolfes or War Hawks...

    Tag in the arm, because you are able to use the good torso twist and arm maneuverability and keep firing on your enemies while tactical retreading.
    You are almost able to shoot behind you… approximately 160°.
    I managed to kill other assaults, like King Crabs, while retreating when they were firing on me.

    I know, very much ammo, but I ran dry to often in CW with less ammo.
    I use to vomit these LRMs :-D

    If you have a more selective play stile, you could lower the ammo and raise the engine or do something like these…
    Cooler, faster, less versatile:

    Even faster, no Artemis:

    Pretty fast, less ammo:

    Maybe the AWS-8R can do this as good as the AWS-PB, but you do not get the 30% C-Bill-Boost and the Baby is a bit more maneuverable.
  2. enileph

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    Well, if you are not using +A then you can invest some of your tonnage into a pair of LL/ERLL. That would give you something to do when things are close. You can have a bit less ammo unless you are going CW.


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