Pretty Baby Velites (2x LRM15, 2x ERLas, TAG, BAP, XL360)

Thread in 'Pretty Baby' started by Lukoi, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. Lukoi

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    Designed post-30th patch, given that LRM20,15 and 10 now all share the same alpha max.

    While the PB may not be the best LRM platform due to it's reduced firing ports on the arm, I was having pretty decent success with this in its previous incarnation (LRM 15, LRM 10, LRM10) and with the new heat changes wanted to keep something along the same vein.

    The name of the Mech is a clue to its use on the field. Skirmishing (primarily within TAG range where possible to reduce LRM30 flight time) and using speed to constantly reposition.

    I chose ERL over ER/PPC for a few reasons...1) lower perceived threat 2) lower heat (especially with future heat adjustments for PPC incoming) 3) ability to use at min range unlike standard PPC 4) I'm fairly decent with "holding" lasers on targets and they are great for "sweeping" the leg of lights if you're having trouble popping them with instant impact weapons like ballistics/PPC.

    Heat efficiency here is misleading, as you're rarely firing LRM and ERL at the same time (IOT to preserve heat and minimize exposure to return fire as you reposition). Heat is 44% in alpha's, 66% in LRM only mode and 68% in self-defense/laser only mode (these assume you've hit 2x basics level). Very easy to manage.

    Undergunned for an assault perhaps but decently effective and fun to play so far. Designed to last as long as possible (if you don' fall into a brawl), a DHS can easily be shaved for more ammo but given my playstyle, I rarely run out of 1080 LRM (36 volleys) before the end of a match.

    Admittedly XL is taking a risk, but I've yet to die to an XL explosion on AWS so at the upper engine level, I feel the risk is acceptable (I would not at the 320 and below level personally).

    Waiting to see how it fares under the new patch conditions.
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  2. The Verge

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    I've tried running LRM's in the PB. It doesn't work..not well at least. while it is a good concept, in game it falls so short. 1-5
  3. Blagg Zear

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    I agree with Vergere.. if you want a LRM Boat, then go for the AWS-8R or AWS-8V. They have 15'Tube Size in every Pod. The Arm.Pods in the PB are limited to 4'Tubes leading to streams of small Volleys, making you waste a lot of Missiles either by AMS or by enough time for the enemy to get behind cover. IMO, the PB is suited to be an agressive Brawler with a Combo of LLaser + SRMs, or a PPC Sniper with brawling ability.

  4. Lukoi

    Lukoi New Member

    I agree the R/V make for better boats, this is just one potential PB I've done well enough in I thought I'd share it. Appreciate the feedback.

    Also, to qualify, only one of the racks is listed as a four. The other in a torso is 15 (matching the LRM 15 there).

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