QKD-5K Who Dares Wins (4xERLL, 5xJJ, XL325)

Discussion in 'QKD-5K' started by disarray, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. disarray

    disarray New Member

    QKD-5K SAS

    Mods: zoom, derp, ERLL weps, cool shot, whatever

    94kph. scout, flank, repeat. survivable capper.

    fly over canyons, rock hop the bog, wall troll HPG, abuse most geometry, jump off anything, and have your "death from above" moment

    aim for the face. fire 3+1. hit out to 1300m, love life at 800m

    this thing murders dire wolves and other fat headed, slow twisting gimps half a kilometer out. aim for the face.

    it's a bit squishy and a bit hot, and i'd love to find a worthwhile sacrifice to get a bap or targetting module on there to help with quicker surgery. this is an upgrade from the shadowhawk 3 ERLL build but i haven't found a viable upgrade from here for proper jump jet action, 60 ton seems to be the limit.

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