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RFL-5D "Corner Carver" (3xLPL, 5xSL, XL290)

Discussion in 'RFL-5D' started by Malgron, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Malgron

    Malgron New Member

    This is the only 5D configuration I will play. 3 LPL in the right arm for mid-range corner poking, and 5 small lasers to supplement those close up alphas. It's gotten me several 1K+ matches. Under the right circumstances I was able to get a 1341 with it (see 1k+ thread).

    1. Excellent convergence and range of motion with 3 LPL on the same arm. Makes quick work of light legs, UAV's, and whichever torsos you pick.
    2. The build appears symmetrical at a glance. Rarely do I get my LPL arm targeted or removed.
    3. It's fast.
    4. Corner-poking play style shields the vulnerable torsos.
    5. Small lasers supplement damage in brawls.
    6. The left arm can be used to shield (well, sorta) without sacrificing your primary damage dealing LPLs.
    7. The mech runs reasonably cool when using just the LPLs (90% of the time). I still take 2 cool shots for sustained encounters.
    1. The mech runs hot if you need the small lasers.
    2. It doesn't have the heat capacity or armor to brawl for very long.
    3. Very susceptible to srms at close range (but what isn't?)

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