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Thread in 'BattleTech (2018)' started by skribs, May 22, 2018.

  1. skribs

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    I've been doing a lot better at this game than I did when I first got it, but some of the missions still give me a lot of trouble. Here's a few questions I thought I'd ask:

    1. When I have several threats at once, how do I prioritize? For example, if the enemy has three heavy mechs and five light mechs, do I try and pick off the light mechs to quickly reduce the fight to 4-on-3, or do I take out the biggest guys first so all I have are insignificant insects running around to be cleaned up?

    2. Similarly, if there is a Mech or tank with loads of LRMs and PPCs, do I ignore a smaller threat that's in firing range to go after the biggest threat, or do I focus on what I can hit now and break their LOS?

    3. Any tips on how to use terrain to my advantage (i.e. how to spot good walls to hunker down behind) would be much appreciated. Sometimes I feel I've found a great hiding spot and it's actually relatively open, and other times I feel I've found a good firing spot and I've just taken myself out of position.

    4. Similar, any tips on when I should pull a Mech back or reposition to avoid fire instead of to deal damage?

    5. Is it impossible to knock someone over until they are unsteady?

    6. How does turn order work for all units within a phase? Why is it sometimes I go first and sometimes the enemy goes first? I can't seem to pinpoint an exact rule that it works by.

    7. I've basically gotten to the point where I just keep my 4 active Mechs in my Mechbay and everything else in storage (or just sell it). It's simply cheaper on the monthly bill that way. Is there any reason to have more than my 4 main Mechs in the Mechbay?

    8. Is there any real value in having a Light or a Medium, or should I just go for a combination of tonnage and hardpoints?
  2. Shock

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    That's a tough question. It really depends on the individual mechs. Jagermechs go down almost as easily as a light mech so they're good targets. Not so much with a Thunderbolt or Orion. If the light mech is a Spider, ignore it. Commandos and Jenners are a bigger threat.

    I always take out spotters when possible. If the enemy can't shoot, you're much safer ;}

    That's something the UI doesn't do very well. So it's sort of a guessing game. You can tell what enemies you'll be visible to when you move but once the enemy moves, that can change and you won't be able to tell.

    Too many factors to have a hard rule. How valuable is that mech? Can he get a kill shot? How close is he to death? Etc

    Yes. You can never go straight to knocked down, no matter how much stability damage you take

    In general, you alternate turns with the enemy. So if an enemy unit was last to move in Phase 3, you get first move in Phase 2.

    Not really. Maybe keep 5 if you want to have a fast mech available for certain missions. I do it for variety but that's just a personal thing.

    There's a couple story missions where having a highly mobile mech helps. And early destroy convoy missions can have some fast targets that are tough to chase down.

    In a battle with even numbers on both sides, you can make good use of lights and mediums. As the numbers get stacked against you, smaller mechs don't have the armor and firepower to stand up to the amount of fire they're going to take. Or they stay out of the line of fire and your other mechs get shot too much
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  3. the boneshaman

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    I have a question. dose evasion do anything for you or is it bugged? because... MORE OFFTEN THAN NOT I HAVE HAD 4 TO 5 POINTS OF EVATION AND I STILL GET SMACK BY 3 PPCS SWARMS OF LRMS/SRMS TAKEN AND MANY MANY HEAD SHOTS!!!!!!!
  4. skribs

    skribs Min-Max Maniac

    Yeah the headshots are insane. I'll have 2 enemies get HS in a row, and over half of the melee/DFA I take are headshots. It's ridiculous.

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