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RVN-3L "Rooster" (3x ERML, 1x SRM6, 1x SRM4, ECM, XL295)

Discussion in 'RVN-3L' started by Jake Plissken, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Jake Plissken

    Jake Plissken New Member


    This is the build I have used more or less continuously for competitive play since 2012 on everything but the largest and most open maps. Yeah, the age of the Raven's dominance has long since passed, but then I suppose I'm more stubborn than most. Nowadays you can't expect to reliably win brawls against Arctic Cheetahs, so I play my Ravens as roamers, lending additional damage in smaller fights and shredding rear armor. This build retains the chassis maximum speed (which I believe to be an absolute necessity), nearly maximum armor as well as ECM.

    With the advent of the Civil War update, ER Mediums with skills give full damage pokes out to ~400 meters which allows the primary armament to strike a nice balance between aggression and hill-humping. The version with two SRM4's will afford you an extra ton of ammo, but I find the burst damage to be more important on smaller maps than sustainability. My buddies who have tried it say that it's hard to pilot because the lasers and SRM's have different aim points, but once you practice it a bit you will find the damage to be exceptional.
  2. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard ComStar - First Circuit Staff Member

    lasers + srms have always been a good combo. I'd personally run it on a chassis more meant for brawling, as the raven is really more of a scout and misses the sturdyness of, say, a Panther. But it's nice to have the mix of scouting and hunting in a single good-looking mech!

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