Solaris 7 Divisions

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  1. Excalibaard

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    There are only 500-2000 players in the game, spread over multiple queues. Queue times in FP are insane because of this (and other reasons)
    PGI: Lets add 7 more queues at the same time.

    However good a huntsman is, it's going to lose on 1v1 against a MCII due to armor and weapon tonnage. I think the same distinction between mechs would easily be reached with a simple ELO system which will automatically filter the 'division 1' from the 'division 7' builds, while automatically balancing out players that are playing 'division 5' mechs on the level of 'division 2' :/

    I'll be in D5 having fun with my hunchies at least.
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  2. The Verge

    The Verge Moderator Staff Member

    there are only two clan mechs in D7, that should tell you a little bit about this "balance"
  3. I am sure these divisions are a direct result of the extensive PTR testing and player feedback (which I must of missed).

    Please don't be buggy from release and kill interest in it.
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  4. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard 101 010 Staff Member

    It will totally NOT be 'solaris 7, so we clearly need 7 divisions to balance out diversity in mechs also can we add yet another currency? people loved when we had GXP,HXP,XP, GSP,SP, all in one ledger'
  5. I thought I saw 4 in D5. I think I missed any of them in D6 and D7.
  6. Damn, you went there.

    I am laughing out loud, but why won't the tears stop and why do my insides not feel happy thinking about that ********* ledger. I had almost blocked it out. Must repress harder.

    I will assume that the "we need a mechpack for this" is obviously and doesn't need to be restated.
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  7. Dagonus

    Dagonus Moderator Staff Member

    And so many people since the S7 announcement have been saying how they intend to leave QP entirely because people are nasty and/or doing dumb stuff to bring down the match for the people who are trying to work together. Welcome to 3 separate games in one launcher. .
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  8. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard 101 010 Staff Member

    Matches are going to be quicker than expected btw, apparently there's a matchfinder launching every minute for everyone who's queueing
  9. Falconium

    Falconium Administrator Staff Member

    I love how the ACW-1 is in Division 1. Because a 40-ton 'Mech with no JJs (and whose entire source of firepower is Missile splat-damage) is totally capable of facing off 1v1 against a Madcat. That's the obvious conclusion here.
  10. Dagonus

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  11. Aylek

    Aylek Administrator Staff Member

    Tried PIR-1 for one match. Faced a full brawler Orion IIC-A (LB20 + 4x SRM6+A). Dealt a tiny bit more damage than him, but got legged when getting stuck for a quarter of a second.

    I'd say this wasn't a fair match from the beginning, as 1 on 1 is totally different than 4 on 4 or even 24 men PUG matches, as there is close to no possibility to sneak upon such a mech / build.
  12. Once I saw how small the maps are, I gave up hope of running PIR or ACW.

    I will probably give it a try in 2v2 with unit mates for lols.
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  13. skribs

    skribs Min-Max Maniac

    I hung out in Division 7.

    I did several matches in the SDR-5D, both with a SNPPC and two MPLs, and then with more speed and JJs and 3 MLs, and I won maybe one round.
    Ran a typical YLW AC20 build and won every round except one where a Spider beat me. Similar build on a Blackjack and beat everyone except a MRM vindicator.
    Ran a MRM vindicator and won 3 matches, two of which were against the blackjack.

    I feel the queues were fine, I never waited more than 45 seconds for a drop. I also had no problem with QP queues on Tuesday.

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