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STK-3F "Pick Your Poison" (2xSRM6+A, 4xLL, AMS, STD300) + ER-Variant

Discussion in 'STK-3F' started by Falconium, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Falconium

    Falconium Administrator Staff Member


    Just a theory-craft design I've been thinking of trying out now that I'm back into MWO. I've always loved the quad-Large-Laser setup on Stalkers, with their deliciously high arm mounts. Fire 'em in pairs, and you can burn through enemy lines all day. The SRMs just provide a little more punch up front. Standard-300 engine, because why not live a little longer? And the AMS is literally just there to fill out 1 ton and 2 slots of space that I otherwise wouldn't use (except for more SRM ammo, and it already has lots). But we all hate LRMs anyway, right?

    Of course, there's always an easy option to swap out the LLasers for ERLLasers, if you prefer to keep a little more distance from the early fire-fight.

    Final side note: This build can be equipped on almost all of the Stalker variants, including the 3H, 4N, 5M, 5S, and even the new 3FB, if you put the SRMs in the arms along with the lasers. And that is an option on the other variants as well, with the exception of the 4N. For myself, I like to keep the SRMs in the torsos, partly for the sake of tighter convergence, but also just in case I happen to lose both arms. (It's always nice to not be useless in a fight).
  2. Aylek

    Aylek Administrator Staff Member

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