STK-5S "Brawler" (2x LPL, 4x ML, 4x SSRM2, AMS, BAP, STD275)

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Thread in 'STK-5S' started by TheWatchman, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. TheWatchman

    TheWatchman Dispossessed

    This load out was suggested as an alternative to one of my 3F Brawler builds. After a bit of tinkering, I found that it was a better fit for the 5S chassis. Also, this allowed the installation of an extra AMS module. The LPLas and MLas Have similar range profiles and overall recycle times. With the inclusion of a Beagle Active Probe, the four SSRM2 packs provide an ample defence against ECM builds and paired with the LPLas, are devastating against lights. As all of the torso and arm critical slots are filled and the build has a Standard engine and fully armoured torsos, survivability should be excellent.

    Although the 3F chassis has better twist characteristics than the 5S, with the recent updates to LRMs an extra AMS module seemed prudent.
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  2. skribs

    skribs Min-Max Maniac

    Looks pretty solid. Which, as a snob, it means something when it comes from me. There's not a whole lot of tweaking that can go on; it looks pretty well min/maxed, seems to have enough (but not too much ammo), doesn't run too hot, and doesn't waste stalker armor.

    As an alternate (not a criticism), you could replace the LPLs with ER PPCs. This would convert it from a dedicated brawler to a pretty good brawler with long-range potential. My friend is running 2xERPPC + 4xML + 4xSSRM2 on his 3F and is having great success.
  3. AcidicQc

    AcidicQc New Member


    I realy liked the initial build but even more the alternative and looked how to do it. This is how i end up doing it. And for easier future reference
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  4. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Star Lord

    for the original build i give 3 of 5 stars. Armor is too low for Brawling for my taste. And I prefer SRMs now over SSRMs. With the latest Patch they have a big Punch now!

  5. IanSane

    IanSane Advanced Member

    The first build is nearly identical to the one I use. I originally wanted an LRM boat and hated it. I want to be in the brawl. Theres a couple things I see that are different on mine however. Mine has much more armor and fewer SSRM missiles. Doing the math based on MY nooby playstyle I figured 400 SSRM missiles would equate to 50 volleys from each launcher....o_O I am lucky to get off half that before getting ground into the dust. :) So instead I opted for 300 which is still 37 full volleys and plenty for me. Next was the AMS. I see everyone take 2k AMS rounds but 95% of the time I barely use half the ammo in my AMS...doing the math again I figured that in 95% of my matches with a normal LRM presence I will finish the match bout when my ammo runs it should be. Those other 5% i'm gonna get creamed of course. But by then I am betting they have run out of LRMs themselves.
    Those 2 weight reductions allowed me to tack on 2 tons more armor without reducing my fighting ability.

    A trap I am always finding myself in is making a stew out of my builds I tried like hell to avoid that with this one. Mixing everything, specializing in nothing (and giving me a gun chain headache in the bargain). Thanks to you guys I am working on improving that. For instance if I want a sniper I build a sniper with a little self defense in close but not so much I stop being a sniper and dont try to cover every possibility range wise...In this build I wanted a brawler..what did that mean to me. Great armor, no XL engine, the ability to lose an arm and still be effective but above all specialize so I am the best I can be in close that's why I went this way. I cannot reach 1300 meters but I can still reach out to 500 meters with the LPLs and at 400 meters even though they are doing about half their normal damage they still do as much damage as an AC/5. In close...they do more damage and use less heat and take up less slots than the ERPPC albeit without the added PPC goodness. Oh and went with SSRMs because my aim sucks in the heat of the moment. IF my aim improves I could swap them out.

    and yet again. work forever on putting my build on paper just to see someone beat me to it months ago. :) Oh well I did the work dang it I am putting it up anyway lol.

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  6. TheWatchman

    TheWatchman Dispossessed

    I often designed too much ammo into my early posts, though with the new 12v12 matches, perhaps increased combat persistence will be favourable. I concentrated on improving the builds Heat Efficiency, Armour Rating and Speed, by dropping two SSRM packs and much of the ammo, rearranging everything and cramming in as many DHS as possible, as well as installing a STD300 engine. I retained the dual AMS systems, what with LRMs having been restored to something of their former glory back in May? I'm also seeing lots of SRM heavy builds, with the potential to really ruin your day, although AMS isn't as effective against SRMs as LRMs due to the much faster missile velocity.

    Here's the redesign:

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  7. Rawdigga

    Rawdigga Junior Member

    If you want to use SRM instead of SSRM (due to ECM issues), I made 2 versions while tinkering around with this original build:

    Removing 4xSSRM2 and adding in 2x SRM4, as well as adding some additional SRM ammo, more leg armor, even more DHS, and switching most of the ammo to the legs, I came up with this:

    Replacing the 2xSRM4 with 4xSRM2 made me filling up all critical slots while keeping that extra DHS.

    Downside is I have to put the extra ton of SRM ammo into the cockpit. If you don't need that extra ton, you could up the engine rating to an STD 285, or add even more leg armor for better survivability.

    I still like the original build (I'm running a similar one on my Stalker 5M) and it's worth 4/5 to me
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  8. Sho Shuto

    Sho Shuto New Member

    First mech with 1000 damage


    I just swapped out the streaks and BAP for regular SRM2 and 3 tons of ammo. The Missile Heat Quirks work, I lost half my mech and still kept plugging away. And then I mech-gasmed and blew up.
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  9. enileph

    enileph Star Lord

    Would tweak it this way

    You need that bit of speed. This allows the 4x ML to fire in better groups. Feel free to add a DHS or ammo by skimming armor, I just feel better knowing I have more things around my big fat torso in front.

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