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    Finally! Try to beat this!!! :cool:

    Welcome to the "TBT Club of 1000+" ! Here you can post your Highscores with 1000+ Damage dealt with your Trenchbuckets. Pls let us know which Weaponloadout you had in your match.

    My Highscore:


    (2x LRM15, 3x MLas @1080 Missiles)

    If you think that most of the damage was from the missiles -> you are wrong! Half of them missed. It was like my 1000+ Match in the Cent = f***ing long match up until the last 30 seconds, where i and a pretty damaged Firestarter had to fight with nothing left than some Medium Lasers against an Atlas, a Misery, a Jager and a Hunchback. We hid in our base and let the Turrets cover us. First we killed the Atlas, which lost his Cannon ST. Then the Firestarter hunted down the Jager, which i think ran out of AC5 Ammo. The last two Misery and Hunchback were attacking our base from behind, so i had to rush back for Tower Defense. But then my CT went reddish and so they forced me to attack from cover by shooting from behind the Base Tower. I somehow could chainfire the lasers nonstop at them, while still being able to survive their counterfire. The last 5 Minutes were really a pain. And that Firestarter Hero did his very best to support me in Tower Defense. Credits to him! :)

    Finally i could take down both, when they got their Health low and tried to escape over the lake. That was a big mistake by turning their ass to me. Of coz i didn't let them flee and so i followed them and burned their asses until they fell gloriously. Pretty wicked game. Too bad i haven`t recorded it, because it was 2:4 in the last 2 Minutes and so f***ing thrilling to be surrounded by bigger Mechs. hahahahaha :rofl:

    The Build:
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    Its not 1k but I tried really hard and just missed it. I like to sneak around and surprise people with my srm 4's fast fire rate. This is my first post so I also wanted to say hello to anyone who see's this. I think I'm going to post some TBT-7M builds. I got some pretty crazy ones taking advantage of the quirks. Take it easy.


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    Am I late to the party? 2LRM15 3ML

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