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The clanner's Locust?

Discussion in 'Myst Lynx' started by Tulip Lee, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Tulip Lee

    Tulip Lee New Member

    I know a lot of people are dissing these, but I think they compare pretty favorably with the locust. Locusts are pretty hard wired to be harassers, and these mist lynxes seem a bit more scouty, especially with the ECM arm. I think these teeny lights are great training to learn the light mech roles. Any thoughts, or am I just playing armchair Kerensky?
  2. The Verge

    The Verge Administrator Staff Member

    I think they are more like the Commando. Able to use cAP and ECM to really give them the scouting role.
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  3. LT Satisfactory

    LT Satisfactory Benefactor

    Ugh. if they just would have included 1 energy on the ecm arm (like the kitfox) and made it so you could have a way to remove JJ (like the TBR), this could have been an 'okay' mech. Instead, 3 tons of wasted space (2 tons of JJ and 1 ton of cAP) on a 25 ton mech and completely neutering the ecm arm has killed it.

    In the whopping 3 games I played, it feels like it lasts longer than a locust (ala better hitboxes) even if it is much slower so that's a small plus. I also like how they took the non-equipment side torsos and allow the builder to pick which quirk they want (torso speed, torso angle, or armor bonus).
  4. Lan

    Lan Mech Wrangler

    Agreed Vergere, they feel just like a cross between the Commando and a Spider. Nearly as agile, nearly as jumpy and very small. Definantly in the same weapons category as the Mando.
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  5. Midnite7175

    Midnite7175 Advanced Member

    Just keep it out of the brawl and you'll be fine. Arms are veeery vulnerable though. Been running a lot armless yesterday.
  6. PyckenZot

    PyckenZot Benefactor

    I wouldn't compare them to Locusts,... Rather more the Spider,... dang these things can jump! First drop I did half my leg damage came from myself. Currently I am an annoying jumpy ecm capable ERLL that gets lots of assists and does pitiful amounts of dmg :ninja:
  7. Remarius

    Remarius Space Pimp

    Its better than my LCT-GB. ;)
    The Verge likes this.
  8. skribs

    skribs Legendary Member

    It's got the firepower of a Locust, the arms of a Commando, the jump jets of a Spider, and the speed of a Trebuchet.

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