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  1. IanSane

    IanSane Advanced Member

    Bunch of us were in a match the other night and let me tell ya....questionable hi jinx ensued. This little vid they asked me to post for them so they could have a record. Not much to see in the video apart from one VERY odd instance where a Jager appeared to have jump jets....Oh and the 2 dual gauss K2 players (the subjects of the video) that just happen to never miss at any range or even when dodging the one spot on a mech that was critical.

    Warning....Strong language....duh

  2. TheDevilsIncarnate

    TheDevilsIncarnate Advanced Member

    Really looks like it was jumping... And it look like a Jäger/BJ, but they had no BJ's....
  3. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Star Lord

    Interesting.. Reported already to PGI with the video material? They should investigate this issue/these guys.
  4. enileph

    enileph Star Lord

    I do k ow that aimbot exist in MWO, just that they are not too functional from what I have heard.
    Not sure about the JJ, probably a glitch though if it were true, most probably during the building process.

    There are lots of weird things happening when you save a mech. I lost a few LL that way.
  5. Solahma

    Solahma Star Lord

    Concerning the dual-guass Jager
    Honestly... it looks like any hill-humping Jager to me. The part where he appears to have "jumped" is very hard to see/prove anything. I think the more likely cause was he glitched out on the hill and might have almost landed ontop of the friendly DDC. Also, it could have been bad terrain rendering (HUGE on alpine) where it appears he is floating or jumping, but he is really on solid ground.

    I'd also like to mention that we ran into the K2 again later when I joined up. He missed a lot.

    Sometimes there are silly things and lucky things that happen in this game. Unless it is provable beyond reasonable doubt, I suggest calmly approaching the situation. Perhaps try to get in contact with the individual and showing them the video and discussing what happened instead of name and shame. There are so many issues with the game (glitches, invisible walls, etc) that I wouldn't jump to conclusions.

    I've been called a hacker plenty of times. I'd say 80% of those times I was running a Dual-Gauss Jager or the Triple Gauss Boomphract.

    Of course, this doesn't mean there was no funny business going on. If you still really believe that something happened, the last thing I would do is post a video link on a thread calling them out as hackers. You should privately contact the unit and try to get in touch with the individual or perhaps someone of authority in the unit, present the issue calmly, and see if there is any reasonable explanation from their side. If that means of investigation does not produce results, you can silently send the issue to PGI and link your video. Check up on it at a later time and see if anything has been looked into. Even then it would be difficult for PGI to judge based on the video and the facts that I mentioned earlier in this post.

    Sometimes there are frustrating moments and it's easy to throw up your hands and call hax because you didn't understand the situation or how it could have possibly happened. I find it best to take a breathe at those moments and nit-pick what I or we could have done to do better or perhaps congratulate the person on a very nice or lucky shot. It happens, frustrating as it is, but it happens.

    TBH, I have had VERY few situations where something questionable happened. So few that I have pretty much forgot that people can and probably do hack in this game. But the number of hackers is probably so few that I don't bother myself to worry about it.

    EDIT: watching is again and again, frame by frame. It really looks like he is on the shoulder of the DDC for a moment, possibly glitching out or "riding" him by accident as he ridged the hill. He is then hit by a PPC and looks to have "hopped". It looked very similar to this hop from one of SniperCzar's videos. To me, it looks like a jumping animation glitch when something is hit by a PPC. I've only seen it happen a handful of times. From the top of a hill, or from the top of that DDC, it would definitely appear as if the Jager had jumped.

  6. IanSane

    IanSane Advanced Member

    Watch his guns
  7. Solahma

    Solahma Star Lord

    I do not understand, please explain.
  8. e92

    e92 Benefactor

    I don't see anything fishy from the video.

    The jager just looks like its walking up and down a hill side. There is a brief moment where you can see some air between the jager's legs and the hillside, though I would actually probably attribute that to the infamous invisible walls and terrain glitches that you can't shoot through. I think you should have tried that spot in a private match with the same recorder and a jager to be a bit more conclusive.

    As for the K2 that hit a twisted CT, theres no video of it, so we can only speculate on what happened. Depending on the mech, there are plenty of exposed CT when twisted. Even from the rear, you can hit the front CT on many mechs. Since you guys saw the K2 miss in later games, that was probably luck more than anything.

    That jump in SniperCzar's vid was a kill shot wasn't it? Lots of mechs die with a little hop; a la Ian's triple gauss Ilya vid.
  9. Solahma

    Solahma Star Lord

    This can also happen. @ 2:55 in my Gauss Cicada video, I nailed the CT of a blackjack that had his side facing me (or at least 80 deg turned). From his perspective it probably seemed like an impossible shot.

    Even if the mech was facing away from me, there are still hitbox bugs that PGI has confirmed.
  10. bart2o

    bart2o Well-Known Member

    Doesn't look like hacking to me. More like invisible walls.
  11. IanSane

    IanSane Advanced Member

    What I meant by watch the guns was watch the jagers guns when he is in the air, his guns have to aim down to hit the target and change elevation as necessary throughout. Seems with a graphical glitch like we have all seen that would not be necessary since the relative positions of the mech and his target wouldnt change.
  12. epikt

    epikt Benefactor

    Make any non JJ capable mech fly with a hack would require some impressive skills. It's not like automatizing the aim and trigger (aimbot/autoshoot) or even displaying elements known to the computer but hidden from the player (wallhack), it's altering the game so a mech is behaving in a way it should not be able to do.
    In a game where hacks are pretty rare (I've yet to see a confirmed case) I'd say the probability of such a hack exists is somewhere near 0%.

    About the aimbot... well, out of frustration it's easy to see fishy things and unfortunately MWO doesn't give us the tools to examine this properly. The video you recorded is short and shows next to nothing, at minima we need a recording from the suspect PoV.
  13. Remarius

    Remarius Star Lord

    There a reason that if I die early and am frapsing I change to spectate certain people. ;)
  14. Solahma

    Solahma Star Lord

    If he was glitched out ontop of his friendly Atlas for a moment, that is not simply a graphical glitch. The Jager would still be where his model is shown and have to aim accordingly. The only "graphical glitch" was if the top of that hill was an invisible wall, which is only seen from Hootchie's perspective and wouldn't effect the Jager's aim.

    Tell you what, find 2 people with premium time next time you're on, set up a private lobby and try to replicate the situation. All you would need is an Atlas, a Jager, and something with an ERPPC. Go back to where Hootchie was and see what the hill looks like with a Jager standing at the summit. See if it would have been possible for the Jager to step onto his friendly atlas by accident. See what happens if the jager hits the slope at a weird angle and moves around on the summit.

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