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The Missile Arm: What have you done with it?

Discussion in 'Zeus' started by psychosmurf96, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. psychosmurf96

    psychosmurf96 Active Member

    I run 3 SRM4s in my 6T right now but I was theory crafting getting the SRM2 cooldown module and running 3 Srm2s chainfired as a constant stream almost like an SRM chaingun. What have you been putting in that beast of an arm? LRMs? SRMs? Streaks?
  2. Aylek

    Aylek Administrator Staff Member

    2x LRM15, 1x LRM10. TAG & 3 MPLas Backup.

    I have to add that I dislike every single variant of this chassis.
    psychosmurf96 likes this.
  3. Eugee

    Eugee Junior Member

    LRM20+A in my 6S. I tried dropping it and going 2x AC5 + LPL & 3xMPL instead and ended up disliking it. Went back to 2xAC5, 3xML, 1xLRM20+A.
  4. Flokoloko

    Flokoloko Advanced Member

    3SRM6A in my 6T, the other 2 use their arm for shielding

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