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    I've been thinking about the skills in this game...and come to the conclusion that unless you're using a scout to abuse sensor lock for 3 LRM mechs, the only skill combination worth a damn is Lancer (Gunnery 8-point and Guts 5-point).

    Note that I'm talking about the abilities in the tree. Obviously Tactics is broken overpowered with what it does to Called Shots.

    Why Breaching Shot?

    Breaching shot is the best 8-point talent, especially when combined with the big weapons that your Mechs will have late in the game. Breaching shot will always come with Multi-Target, and it combos well with Multi-Target. It doesn't matter if you're in a brawler, sniper, or LRM boat, if the target you're focusing is guarded, then set your biggest gun on him and set another volley on someone else and let it rain.

    Another option is if you have two weapons that are viable, use only one and save heat and ammo. If your alpha would go from 50 with a single weapon to 70 with 6 weapons, maybe save heat and ammo to deal more efficient damage.

    As to the other abilities, Ace Pilot and Master Tactician are both okay. They can let you play around with Initiative, but in the end I feel Breaching Shot just works better. 3 of the 4 Mechs that I have active right now I feel Breaching Shot would be the best ability for them to have, and the 4th one would probably benefit from these three abilities equally.

    The other ability, Juggernaut, absolutely sucks. It should be reworked to do one of:
    • Reduce self damage on DFA
    • Allow melee attacks to be called shots
    • Allow melee attack after sprint (like a charge ability)
    • Increase the damage (or stability damage) of your melee attack
    • Allow more weapons when you deal a melee attack or allow some other benefit after doing a melee attack
    • Allow your melee attacks to grant you benefits, like reducing heat or applying guarded
    Why Bulwark

    Well, of the 5-point abilities, we already assume you have Multi-Target. If not, because for some reason you have Ace Pilot or Master Tactician, it's probably worth it to get. From there, we're left with Evasion, Sensor Lock, and Bulwark.

    Evasion is great in the early game when you're running around in lights and mediums, but largely falls apart in the late game when you're in assaults and heavies. Maybe if you're jumping around in a Highlander to set up your evasion it's worth it, but overall Evasion falls behind as a defensive ability.

    Sensor Lock has some potential to be abused, but I find if you have high enough gunnery, you don't even need sensor lock. You can just shoot at evasive Mechs with no problem. Plus, at end game you're dealing with heavier Mechs, which don't have the same amount of evasion.

    This brings us back to Bulwark. If you're getting focused by LRM fire, often the best thing to do is guard yourself, and Bulwark lets you keep fighting, where using Brace requires you to not attack.


    • Lancers are simply the best combination of skills. You could get 4 Lancers and you would be least likely to wish you had a different skill on a particular player.
    • Flankers (Piloting + Gunnery) and Strikers (Tactics + Gunnery) are next. They still get multi-target.
    • Outriders (Piloting + Guts) and Vanguards (Tactics + Guts) are next. These are going to be tankier and have less flexibility in their firepower.
    • Sharpshooter (Gunnery + Tactics), Recon (Piloting + Tactics), and Scout (Tactics + Piloting) have their place in certain role builds. Sharpshooter I would use on a backup pilot who might go into a heavy or a light. Recon and Scout would work well for lights (with Recon allowing you to Reserve-Move-Attack on one round and then Attack-Move on the next, and to use sensor lock while you wait).
    • Skirmishers (Gunnery + Piloting) don't really have much of a place. A light is better off with Sensor Lock than anything firepower related (and I'd argue it's more of a priority than Evasive Maneuvers), and a bigger Mech is better off with Bulwark than Evasive Maneuvers.
    • Gladiators (Guts + Gunnery), Brawlers (Guts + Piloting), and Sentinels (Guts + Tactics) all suck because Juggernaut sucks. Some of these might be interesting if there was a 1-on-1 scenario.
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