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USER BUILD: Blackjack 1X HunchJack

Discussion in 'Mech Build and System Tests' started by SirHitman, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. SirHitman

    SirHitman Well-Known Member

    Original: BJ-1X, 8 mlas, XL295 with AMS (or BAP) . 10,540,893

    BJ-1X, 8mlas and STD280 . Cost 7,568,631

    vs. BJ-1X, 6 mlas, STD275 with BAP . Cost 7,789,965

    After a discussion on what build to take in the BJ-1X HunchJack (8x MLas, XL295) thread I thought I would test them myself and get some data on them. 10 battles each all on skirmish and about the same time of the day (spread the test over 2 days).

    The stats say:
    295xl, 8mlas, AMS: Win/Loss 8/2. K/D 13/4, Damage 5,380
    275std, 8mlas: Win/Loss 5/5. K/D 18/5, Damage 5,450
    275std, 6mlas, BAP: Win/Loss 7/3. K/D 12/5, Damage 4,860

    My thoughts:
    295xl, 8mlas is the original build used by me almost exclusively for 1000+ battles, its HOT but manageable, you are fast enough and deal enough damage in a short period of time to survive. You need to use it as a light-support harassing the enemy trying to stay out of there fire line (when that fails you wiggle).
    280 STD, 8mlas gives you the STD engine survivability that gives you the confidence to keep pushing even if you got a exposed side torso, but I found that its EXTREMELY HOT thanks to the lack of heatsinks. It will still perform and give you damage numbers but you will spend allot more time waiting for the temp meter to go down, not able to fire when the its needed. I dont recommend this build to anyone at-least until you got all the efficiency's replace 2 lasers with heatsinks.
    275 STD, 6mlas, BAP. Less heatproduction, increased sustainable DPS and gives you a MUCH better heatmanagement.
    STD engine did save me (still allowing me to do damage 3 or 4 times over all this testing).

    Disclaimer for the STD280 test is that I used STD275 because I did not want to spend c-bills on something im not going to use.
    I did the 295xl tests first and did not think to record the test until the STD engine runs. And even then the first 2 didn't work so only screens on them.
    BJ-1X with 8mlas and STD280

    BJ-1X with 6mlas, STD275 with BAP

    I have not checked the clips so tell me if there is something wrong and ill see if something can be done. Youtube is still working on some of them but they should be there in 1080 shortly.
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  2. enileph

    enileph Space Pimp

    Suddenly thinking of this

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