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USER BUILD: Blagg Zear's JR6-DD "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

Discussion in 'Mech Build and System Tests' started by Michael, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Michael

    Michael Grand Poobah Staff Member



    This mech was originally posted by Blagg Zear and this video is being done by IanSane. He will send us all the information that he wants to put in these sections and I will update accordingly.

    RECOMMENDED ROLE: Skirmisher / Middleweight Brawler
    TOTAL PRICE: 15,735,745 cbills (including XL engine and all weapons/ammo)
    DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced Piloting and Gunnery skills required

    • XL Engine allows you to keep the speed up and the weight down but that is pretty much a bonus with any XL engine
    • 3x UAC5 are deadly. You can run a macro (found elsewhere on this site) to help prevent the jamming issues that the in-game chain fire gives you and you can also set it on Auto-Fire which REALLY sends the pain down range
    • This mech DOES have backup weapon systems in the form of the 2x MLas
    • Very heat efficient even when spamming all your weapons. Just be careful of the UAC5 heat curve if you start running them on auto fire
    • 384 points of armor is a decent amount! Certainly helps soak the damage
    • 8 tons of UAC5 ammo?!?!?!
    • Primary weapon system is ammo fed and can run out of ammo during prolonged or heavy firefights
    • Ammo is spread around the mech so ammo explosions are guaranteed to happen sooner or later
    • Not as fast as a mech this size could be but you have to sacrifice SOMETHING for all that ammo
    • The backup weapon systems almost feel like an afterthought sometimes
    • Extremely expensive mech to put together assuming you don't have an XL laying around
    This build can be discussed here: Blagg Zear's Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  2. The Verge

    The Verge Administrator Staff Member

    • That's a lot of drawbacks due to the weapon setup, is their anything else that is negative about the build?
  3. Michael

    Michael Grand Poobah Staff Member

    Those are just MY thoughts after looking at the build. Ian will probably provide all his own data here and I will update it but I wanted to get the vid up and running to see if it could be done. It can't be done in 1080p unfortunately but it is what it is.
  4. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Moderator Staff Member

    Wow, that chainsaw sound is amazing! Great Video. It's just the way i play this build - doing the massacre and still running around at the end to find some more victims to break 1000+
  5. Cpt Chattahah

    Cpt Chattahah Legendary Member

    Oh, Ian. Always good for a laugh! :D

    And Blagg comes through with another wicked build.

    All around thumbs up. 5/5 - would watch again.
  6. IanSane

    IanSane Advanced Member

    Actually you would be quite surprised by how small the list of negatives truly is on this build.
    The ammo is all in the normal locations except 1 ton that is in the arm so I have yet to be killed by an ammo explosion. Generally on non-flying heavy mechs I do not lose legs and lets face it if they get down to where they can crit your core ammo yer toast anyway.

    I wouldn't call 70Kph slow for a heavy, definitely not the fastest but it can still shift pretty well. The medium lasers in my opinion are backup weapons just as on the Typhus build and are there primarily for when you run out of ammo. The plus side though is this build runs so cool you can spam them along with your guns for more punch unlike on the Typhus build.

    Expensive? oh heck yeah but most of us have XLs and extra weapons lying around so I agree totally with Michael that as a starter mech it's a no go but for a veteran they would likely only be out the cost of the mech and upgrades.

    I think due to the recent changes to the UAC the ammo load MIGHT be a bit excessive. In the video you see me run through all but about a ton of it though so it is your call. I always like to have more ammo than less but there is no reason you can't drop a ton of ammo and run an XL280 instead

    I also used this build on the JM6-S and it seemed a perfect fit, swap out a ton of ammo for a 3rd MLas or 2 tons of ammo and slap a couple medium pulse lasers on this bad boy. Blast to pilot
  7. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Moderator Staff Member

    no don't drop any ammo on the JM6-DD! 240 bullets are quite perfect. I tried with 1ton less and XL260 (stock engine of the DD*) and ran dry several times, having only the two MLas, which is totally weak against the remaining enemies. The only thing you get by dropping ammo is gaining just a tiny bit of more speed and/or leg.armor. On the JM6-S you can get at least more MLas.

    * if you run it with XL260 you are not spending extra C-Bills for the engine, but only for a third UAC5 plus the extra stuff ES & DHS, so this build is not too expensive. 3 Mio. C-Bills additionaly to the Mech price.

    Cheap XL260 Version:


    (or drop 30 Bullets for more Armor) ;)
  8. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard ComStar - First Circuit Staff Member

    I like the footage, I probably want a JagerMech now :D

    Some things annoyed me in the video itself which made me skip through a large part of it :( :
    - Very poor text readability: Make your text outlined so it stands out more against the background, use a more readable font instead of something that you might use on a 6th grader report on crocodiles :/
    - Unneeded footage filled with unneeded text: I don't really see how walking around the first 2 minutes contributes to showcasing the mech. Speed can be noted during skirmishes as well (and that's where it's most important to showcase). Especially becuase you fill up the walking time with text about how it's actually 69,2 instead of 70 kph which might be funny if it was a group of people talking about birds and bees and metal stompy walking tanks, but text really doesn't convey it (ME GRUMPY NO LIKE JOKES GRR).
    - Sound effects: Please never include that applause when showing how to build it again
  9. IanSane

    IanSane Advanced Member

    First let me start by saying I will instantly ask Michael to lock this if someone critisizes you personally over your opinion. They can disagree or agree with your opinion all they like but it is YOUR opinion and you have EVERY right to state it whether I like it or not regarding my video(s). So you will find ZERO personal attacks in this post...just MY opinion.

    I am sorry you did not enjoy the video and I completely agree about the title color being very hard to read at the beginning. Unfortunately the video editing software does not give the option for shadows or highlighted text that would make it much easier to read...I will have to look into seeing if there are any add-ons I can get that will allow me to do that. The font however was chosen for the express reason that its silly and unprofessional which is kind of the intended theme of all of my videos.

    That all being said though...

    Actually fans of my videos may disagree about the text portion. If you want a serious zero humor build review then I guess I am not your man. I am not an ego maniac that feels he can only show the perfect match. I do, and very often, poke fun at myself for poor play and that is one of the reasons people seem to like my videos. I find humorless reviews tedious at best and horrifically boring at worst. Could I have put; Step 1) install 3ea UAC 5 auto cannons on the mech. Step 2) install 1ea. XL255 engine in the center torso with a background of some tired youtube provided synth music....and fast forward whenever my guns aren't blazing...sure...I guess...but to be honest even I would fall asleep before I finished watching it. Instead I chose to go a more fun route basing the build portion on one of my favorite people, Justin Wilson and filling it with background music inspired by Inspector Gadget...We are creating a mech from a recipe and using gadgets instead of ingredients...and doing it in a very corny way like cooking shows right down to the canned horribly timed random applaus they use was 100% intentional.

    EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE does a speaking commentary and unless you are VERY lucky your videos will never stand out. Text comments are kind of my thing, they make me as a video maker different and let me be much more creative with music, text, interaction and everything else. They are also, beyond a doubt the most popular thing about my videos.

    Testing grounds shows the perfect world scenario and gives you ideas of how to set up the mech weapons prior to going live which is always a good idea. As far as everything else you can make it full screen as well as change the video resolution very easily. My videos are meant to be humorous there is a lot of banter in the comments that may or in your case may not appeal. Simple thing. If you don't like them...ignore them. Personally to me watching a video with some drum beat electronica nonsense in the background showing the player running around saying nothing and fighting are excruciatingly dull. Why the hell do I want to watch that? I PLAY the game I don't need to watch someone ELSE play it unless they engage me somehow. Mack is a great example...borderline player but hilarious due to his manic and frankly unnerving self commentary and because of that I have watched every one of his MWO videos. Groups where a lance is all bantering back and forth in TS or Vent cracks me up sometimes but if you are a solo player like me...no way I am going to talk to myself constantly for the 12-15 minutes it takes to finish a match. First off my voice isn't sexy and secondly its been done a million (or more) times.

    So far my builds and videos have been very popular primarily for all the reasons you say that makes you not like them. I can't and won't even attempt to make videos that appeal to everyone because that just simply isn't possible. I am sorry you do not like the video but there is not much I can do about that.

    I stand by my videos, they are original and if the likes to dislikes are anything to go by far more popular than unpopular. In fact one of the only dislikes I have ever gotten on a build video was one with just that...nothing but fighting and crap music in the background. If Michael wishes me to make generic videos I do not think I could do that but I think one of the reasons he requested that I make one is just because mine ARE different, silly, unprofessional in play, and goofy dude in the cockpit.
  10. Blagg Zear

    Blagg Zear Moderator Staff Member

    IanSane, i like the way you do your clips, so pls keep on with the good work. Its iansanely amusing and creative! :rolleyes:
  11. Excalibaard

    Excalibaard ComStar - First Circuit Staff Member

    I liked the training grounds, that shows the raw power and how the loadout feels, I didn't say anything about that ;) Nor did I complain about the music or a lot of things you mentioned.
    Also I'm fond of the DAKKA!!1! in the middle, I'm not a serious person by any means (the difference might be that I get annoyed at my poor play instead of make fun of it) and I hoped my text between parentheses showed my kind of humor. In my personal case it gets annoying during 'boring' parts of the video, such as the mechlab or walking at the beginning of the match. It feels uncomfortable like the stand-up comedian that can't get his audience to laugh. Remarks during the action are much better in that respect as you're in a 'wow that was awesome' moment and then poke a little fun at it :)

    If it's personal style to have text instead of audio commentary then I can't really have much to say about that other than that opinions differ. In my opinion, the fact that it's done so extensively on the internet is because it works. I follow a guy called Stonewall008 on youtube which makes League of Legends videos. He explains how to 'jungle' certain characters. The voiced in-depth videos are watched much more than the ones with only text because it's easier to use both ears and eyes than to focus eyes on 2 different things. As has been shown with multiple succesful 'gaming channels', all of them have some sort of audio commentary and usually that's even why they're popular (Crit1kal for example). There aren't any top channels with text-based commentary so it seems apparent to me that audio commentary comes out on top with like 1% vs 0% of success.

    Generic videos isn't what I'd expect, but lots of the 'stylistic' things (like a corny 35 second applause that's surprising or humorous at first but gets old after 5 seconds) rather look like a lack of quality to me. The video shouldn't be just running around shooting things with generic DnB at the background, but it also shouldn't contain 4 out of 12 minutes of bantering.

    But alas, indeed not every video can please everyone. As long as you and others enjoy them, I'll just watch the gameplay and the smurfy link.

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