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USER BUILD: Grimm's JM6-DD Jagermech "Flak Gun"

Discussion in 'Mech Build and System Tests' started by Michael, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Michael

    Michael Grand Poobah Staff Member


    A lot of guys are/were (after the heat nerf this is kinda hard to do) running around with their 6x AC2 crazy insane dakka dakka builds. I decided to scale it down a little bit and run with just a macro fed 4x AC2 build. I call it the Flak Gun. The entire purpose behind this mech is to lay down suppressing fire, assisting with kills where you can but not necessarily as a primary front line unit.


    [size=8pt]NOTE: There is currently a bug with AC2s that make it tricky to macro them. If you fire 4x AC2 within .5 seconds or more then you have an enormous heat penalty after about 50% but if you fire all 4 in under .5 seconds it doesn't seem to add the penalty. I will make a macro instruction video for this mech in the coming days.

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