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USER BUILD: IanSane's STK-3F "Alpha Much?"

Discussion in 'Mech Build and System Tests' started by Michael, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. Michael

    Michael Grand Poobah Staff Member



    This mech was originally posted by IanSane, who also did the combat drop video.

    RECOMMENDED ROLE: Heavyweight Brawler
    TOTAL PRICE: 13,042,480 (Standard Engines are cheap cheap)

    • Incredibly high alpha strike (88.0)
    • Covers most ranges well as long as you use the weapons at their designed ranges
    • Standard engine increases your survivability during brawls
    • Relatively cheap to assemble in terms of assault mechs due to standard engine
    • Can obliterate most light mechs with a single SRM6 volley if you can clip them
    • Can run hotter than the sun if you rely on the PPCs for brawling
    • Requires extreme heat discipline and steep learning curve to pilot this mech well
    • Fairly slow and can get left behind if you aren't paying attention in PUGs
    This build can be discussed here: IanSane's Alpha Much?

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