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USER BUILD: Soy's CTF-3D Cataphract "Soy Sauce 2.0"

Discussion in 'Mech Build and System Tests' started by Michael, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Michael

    Michael Grand Poobah Staff Member


    You've all heard of, or seen, Soy running around in his CTF-3D and ripping it up or the other guys from DV8 shredding in 8 mans with some of their Cataphracts. Well, this is the build. After watching Soy Episode #15 I did some reverse engineering and the result is the Soy Sauce 2.0. This is the build that Soy is currently putting through the development stages.

    Soy was good enough to stop by MechSpecs and participate in the build sheet thread, confirming the build as well as add some tips here and there to help train some better CTF pilots.


    Talk about a crazy insane fun build to play. This thing is extremely heat efficiency, exceptionally well armored and very mobile. I did wonder a little bit about 2 jump jets versus 1 jump jet but I suppose it is just a matter of learning how to play the build as I did find I got a lot better as the day progressed.

    RECOMMENDED ROLE: Jump Sniper / Direct Fire Support
    TOTAL PRICE: 15,785,920 cbills (including STD engine and all weapons/ammo)
    DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced Piloting and Gunnery skills required

    If you have issues with HSR then use this build with caution

    • Standard Engine = Survivable as a mofo. Even with your RT or LT blown off you can still fight although at some reduced firepower. Cheap engine to buy too!
    • Go Go Gadget Jump Jet. Even having a single jumpjet allows this mech to be extremely mobile on difficult variable terrain maps like Terra Therma and Canyon. Helps to turn faster in air too.
    • Bunker Gear What What? This mech is insanely heat efficient with a 1.63 before adjustments and one would have to try exceptionally hard to shut down due to heat.
    • Tough As Nails. The mech is extremely well armored considering all the other strengths if brings to the table and you can even use your arms as meat shields to mitigate critical damage!
    • I found not having any weapons in the arms also a drawback as there were times, especially on Mordor (Terra Therma) where I wanted to hit a target who was elevated and my torso just wouldn't bring the weapons high enough that I could hit them.
    • That gauss rifle seems to attract a lot of attention from competent pilots. They know that if they blow that Gauss out they are taking the PPC with it and thus reducing your effectiveness by 2/3.
    • HSR has totally screwed this mech for me. I find that about 30% of my grouped PPC shots simply don't register even with a visible hit. If PGI ever gets around to fixing HSR properly this mech will be even more of a beast than it already is!
    • Extremely expensive to put together. 15m (without modules) is a lot to drop on a mech. If you add modules to that you are looking at about 25m or more for a heavy!
    • High learning curve! This is a mech that requires a good deal of skill and finesse to use. "You don't just jump in the ring with Muhammad Ali cause you think you can box". This requires lots of patience and practice!
    This build can be discussed here: Soy's Soy Sauce 2.0
  2. Villz

    Villz New Member

    Hi michael Soy told me you did a feature on his modification of dv8's cataphract 3d build. That's really cool as its actually a genuinely good build to perform top level in. I recently posted a video on my youtube of me playing my own variation of it also. (Basically the same , same premise 1jj 12dhs except i cut all my arm armour to fit a slightly larger std engine in.

    But anywaysssss.....
    I thought you might like a great demonstration video of the build being put to work high level. Hopefully you and your community enjoy it. (The music was whatever i happened to be listening to at the time as its a raw audio output record, If its not to your taste just mute it :D)


    *I recommend watching it on the youtube site as i have upoaded it in high bit rate 1080p

    **And yes Michael there is no voice coms recorded as i have that feed through a different output (headphones) So it is SFW language :p
  3. Michael

    Michael Grand Poobah Staff Member

    Nice run. A couple of points I thought "Mmmmm its over for them" but you guys managed to use cover exceptionally well and the HGN pilot has some serious patience to sit and wait for that flanking maneuver! Well done. It is also a good example of how to torso twist immediately after a shot is fired to protect that precious PPC/Gauss hitbox in the RT.

    I just ran a couple of drops with your mod and I confess I'd rather have the arm armour more than the +3kph speed increase of the larger engine. Most of the time you are moving at sub-70kph speeds or standing still so the larger engine, while giving you a slightly faster torso twist speed, doesn't really give enough benefit to justify stripping the arms. To each their own right?

    It is an insanely fun build to play! In fact last night we ran into Soy a few times, both on our team and against, during some 4mans and had some great fun tossing jumps back and forth!
  4. Soy

    Soy Legendary Member

    The subtle perk of this particular build is with those few bits and pieces of extra tonnage/crit slots at the end of the build, you can actually customize it slightly.

    We're talking another 5 kph, or running a little cooler (and then swap in a single ER as a result if desired), another JJ, more armor, AMS... lots of little things you can do to put a personal touch on the mech which, to me, matters cuz I don't want to be running an exact unmodifiable build every time.

    That lil tiny room for customization really amuses me greatly, it's like having a sunroof in a car; you don't always need it but it's there, etc...

    Villz is one of our resident lords, so he wanted to flex some myomers with this build... variations of it are something we're really pushing forward at the moment. The dual ppc gauss 3d is really one of the top 5 builds in game at the moment. This particular flavor he runs is devastating if aren't concerned with supersoaking with arms like I am.

    Ironically Mike, Villz's build does less arm soak than the other ones we've gone over before, but Villz is a good damage roller anyways, so

    There are other great 3d builds but these flavors of dualp/g is the best at the moment, all things considered.
  5. Michael

    Michael Grand Poobah Staff Member

    Agreed. I watched the video and saw his damage output. Impressive, even if he got killed he still carried more than his share of weight in that match.

    The above is one of the reasons why I decided to try the build he shows in his video. I suppose I am like you in that regard; I have gotten so used to spinning my torso, in order to super soak, that having no protection in the arms is a weakness for me. I couldn't justify the 2.5km speed increase with the upgraded engine versus having the ability to feed an arm to the enemy. That just works for my play-style.

    I encourage everyone to try different builds to see what they can dial in as THEIR specific "god machine". Who knows maybe a PPC/LLas build works better than a PPC/Gauss build (shrugs).
  6. Villz

    Villz New Member

    Yes i agree each build has slight advantages and it does indeed boil down to play style. I myself prefer the larger engine as it really allows you to kite most heavies and assault's jump in the air take a shot and keep running away from them and keeping distance. I also like the slightly bigger engine for the torso twist speed. As you mentioned twisting your torso after taking a shot to reduce your side on profile is one of the key tactics of drop sniping like that and your torso twist speed is proportionate to your engine size. Bigger engine = faster turn, however as soy said its apples and oranges some people may find an AMS more usefull with the weight others may prefer having tanky arms to damage soak, And some people like me feel the speed / twist speed is a better investment. All in all a fun build to min max on and really try and find your own perfect incarnation of it! A+

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