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VND-1AA "Hadoken" [2x HPPC, 1x JJ, XL 255]

Discussion in 'VND-1AA' started by Ragnahawk, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Ragnahawk

    Ragnahawk Well-Known Member

  2. Hotdook

    Hotdook New Member

    I would lower the engine cap and add a lot more jumpjets. Any particular reason why it needs to go so fast?
  3. Archwright

    Archwright Benefactor

    I, personally, don't like my 45 tonners dropping below a max speed of 90kph. I also don't want to go slow in a mech that has a hard 90m minimum range. I toyed with the idea of swapping the engine out for a 275 to put it up to 100kph (drop a DHS, and upgrade to ferro). That didn't do it for me.

    Then the name inspired me. The hadoken in MegaMan X can fell an enemy in a single hit. So, I dropped the extra DHS, used that space to upgrade to ferro, add a JJ, and add a Targeting Computer II. The TC will extend your ranges a bit, and enable those delicious critical hits.
  4. CarloArmato

    CarloArmato Advanced Member

    The increase in range will only apply to beam weapons, e.g. every laser weapon, but not to projectile weapons like the PPC and the ballistic weapons. You will get a small speed bonus though, which will come in handy because HPPC has the same base speed as the non-ER PPC.
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