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What's the QOL in the game today?

Discussion in 'MechWarrior Online - General Discussion' started by skribs, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. skribs

    skribs Legendary Member

    I quit playing a while ago, around the time Ghost Heat started. The reason I quit actually had more to do with me than the game (I didn't have much self control with their sales), but I didn't like a lot of the things they were doing to the game, which added to why I quit. Anyway, one of the things that bothered me was the quality of life, or some aspects of it. I'm curious over the past year or so what sort of changes have gone into the game, if any, to improve QOL. Here are a few issues I had:

    1) Because there was no loadout system, you could only have a few 'mechs ready to go at any given time, unless you farmed up duplicates of everything. Is there an easy way to switch from one mech to another without dumping all those credits to buy duplicate weapons and modules? If I remember right, I own a lot of mechs, and I believe I have them all kitted out with weapons and such, but I only have so many modules.

    2) Ghost heat was implemented as a behind-the-scenes thing. Meaning, if you knew it existed you could work around it, but if you didn't read the forums you might wonder why 3 lasers brings you to 25% but 5 lasers overheats you. Is this better communicated in-game? I hear they are adding a power draw system, but obviously as I've been away I haven't been paying attention.

    3) How is hit detection and the mechanics of the game today?

    I'm kind of between games right now and might want to come back to MWO.

    Edit-to-add: I see a lot of new 'Mechs in the mech list. How do the old ones fare? Has there been a power creep I would need to catch up on, or could I still hop in to an Awesome, Stalker, Jenner, Raven-3L, Centurion, or Dragon and still do just as well as I did back when I played?
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2017
  2. Riscy

    Riscy Benefactor

    There is still no easy way to have multiple loadouts aside from having duplicate mechs, but moving modules around is much faster now because they are easier to find in mechs (you don't need to edit the mech to see what is has equipped) and saving times after modifying a mech are much quicker.

    Ghost heat is still a thing, but the mechlab tells you if you will have ghostheat based on your loadout. It doesn't give specific figures it just says higher than normal heat spike, but at least you will get a warning now.

    There was just a recent change to the collision system which means mechs don't warp around when high ping players run into other players which is good. I still have problems with PPCs not registering hits sometimes but its pretty rare and I don't find it a problem.

    The Stalker is still good, but more in the CW arena, Jenners were great for a while especially the Oxide but now with the rescale they are huge and die easily again, the Raven will always be good, Centurions are still OK for the brawl but there are better options.

    I'm still enjoying the game and with the recent changes to CW it has improved the game in the last month. Come back and give it a go!

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