Casual WHM-7S "Carcinogenic" (2xLRM15+A, 6xERML, TC1, LE300)

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    EDIT: (sarcasm ON) changed the build name from "Balance is key" to "Carcinogenic". The reason is simple, you are fitting two (one of which is almost) maxed ghost heat groups and you ideally contributing to this game cancer: LRMs (OP) and laser boating (PGI pls nerf). (sarcasm OFF)

    This build is NOT meant to be an LRM boat: this build is somewhat a medium-short ranged poker with some indirect/suppressive fire support.

    Basically, you are fitting the most hated weapons (2xLRM15, almost 2xLRM20) and the most ton efficient and good-all-around weapons (6xERML) on the same mech, so you have build capable of both annoying other mechs AND decent at killing people on your own.

    With maxed skills those ERML will be able to reach ~410 meters, so the idea behind this build is to stick with your team and whatever happens, poke with your comrades, support them, keep on raining those LRMs on anything has a lock or get the lock yourselves if nobody is poking and you are not cored yet.

    If played correctly, you will never run out of things to do and you will rarely run our of ammo. Also, keep in mind that those 6xERML are REALLY nice to pinpoint some damage, so use them to open up / focus / pop a single component.

    • Alpha strike when someone is poking and/or is not torso twisting (or fire only the ERMLs if it is below ~450 meters because you will be able to pinpoint damage compared to LRMs).
    • Fire only the LRMs whenever you are either running hot or the enemy is visibly torso twisting / tanking and is not returning fire (you'd better wait for the right moment to strike those ERMLs due to the fact they are kinda hot, also keep in mind that you are free trading anyway, so better use the more "heat-efficient" LRMs).

    If you keep on firing only the LRMs you will dissipate more heat compared to the heat produced, so you will cool over time: keep that in mind when close to overheating.

    ALT: replace TC1 with +1 LRM ammo

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