WLF-2 "Heavy's Hound" (3xLL, XL255)

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    Oddly enough I haven't found here the build I'm using for this Wolfhound...

    Anyway, this mech is really easy to play: move around, hugh a shelter and keep on poking and focusing on components until everything in your field of view dies.
    If anyone makes the mistake to ignore you, you will core it's torso / side torsoes with a couple of strikes.

    It is cooler than it looks thanks to the "-10% Energy Heat Generation", but it's still too hot and pretty useless to use ER-LL despite the additional -5% to heat gen for ER-LL...

    I would not use ER-LL for 3 main reason:
    1. You will overheat earlier.
    2. Cooldown sensibly longer, which leads to slightly lower DPS despite the overall higher HeatPerSecond.
    3. Despite the bonus to range, often you are fast enough to relocate / flank your taget. With good skills, you can have an optimal of nearly 500 meters (499 meters with my skills)
    Skill wise, max out both speed and heat generation / management (cool run, heat containment etc.). Anything else should be in range and survivability. Two Coolshots and one airstrike are recommended for this build. Top damage or up to the 4th place will be granted if you friendlies are not as squishy as marshmellows.
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