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[Work in progress] Guide - The Kit Fox and how to get the most out of it.

Discussion in 'Kit Fox' started by Lan, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. Lan

    Lan Mech Wrangler

    Hey all, this is a community project. I'll lay down the base structure, first some points and then add in all the text mass. I'd like you guys to throw in pointers, tips, builds and good gameplay videos.

    Changelog of WIP
    - Adding sections
    - Adding pointers
    - Adding builds
    - Will add text mass and flesh out the pointers
    - Will add community inputs continously
    - Will close guide and remove italic text.

    Kit Fox image​

    The main reason for this guide is that many seem to struggle with this chassi and have trouble adapting from classic light speedfreak to light clan support.

    Known weaknesses
    Very thin armor
    Slow speed for a light

    ECM capable
    Tripple AMS

    Tag and JJ's, up and downside
    TAG dual purpose, "There is a target - here is a tagging target!"

    Gameplay and tactics
    Enable the team to work optimally
    Avoid enemy lights
    Sneak as if you don't have ECM, even if you do.
    Use your range as a clan mech
    Play smart and plan ahead

    Solo (PUG) and group differences
    The Kit Fox on solo, expectancy
    In premade

    Seriously, it's not ready yet... ;)

    Text mass is coming.

    Builds and videos

    SupaRaven - is it a bird, a plane? No, it's a Meta!

    The LRM Nemesis, aka "Helping li'l ol' ladies cross the street".

    Dual NARC spy

    SRM boat

    All missiles, all day

    Stealth fighter
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  2. The Verge

    The Verge Administrator Staff Member

    no Dual ERLL or Triple ERLL?
  3. Lan

    Lan Mech Wrangler

    Still adding them. ;)
  4. Marduk

    Marduk New Member

    Heres my take on the KFX-PRIME, i think it fits into the LRM Nemesis category. It allows you to stick with your heavies and assault providing them ECM and AMS cover and supporting them with your 2 ERLL.
    If you dont feel confident with all your weps in LA you can drop 1ton of AMS ammo and slap ERML on RA as a backup plan.

    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 3, 2014
  5. CX 1237

    CX 1237 Active Member

    Good initiative, Lan.
    I'm looking forward to reading the whole post.

  6. Thiak

    Thiak Well-Known Member

    nice Lan

    (your all missile all day ktx has streak ammo loaded instead of srm)
  7. Lan

    Lan Mech Wrangler

    Thanks all, I will work on this and aim to be finished maybe sunday.

    Wut? Shame on the builder I stole it from! I went through some of the build threads and snatched most of these. Will update. :)
  8. the boneshaman

    the boneshaman Active Member


    I enjoy this build. Its a real TT build that was not tweeked. i know most people would drop the small laser or change to a SRM4 for more armor. but if you stay close to the big guys most of the time you will be ignored especislly if they see you dont have X3 AMS or ECM. i rarly use the ECM X3 AMS arm myself their is enough spiders cicadas ECT running around still that I feal i dont need to (except when i drop and my team has 0 ecm ant the other team has 4 or more)

    i use this config to hunt down ECM mechs. best is to take this in a group two or more with ecm set yours to disrupt and go for the legs.
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  9. Archwright

    Archwright Benefactor

    Wow, the counter-ECM build is hilarious.
  10. enileph

    enileph Space Pimp

    Please DO NOT USE those Config S legs unless you need more than 2 JJ. You get less penalty.
    Oh and ALWAYS incluse a JJ. You will need that mobility to move around, and it is well worth that half ton.

    AND DUDE! Your "The LRM Nemesis, aka "Helping li'l ol' ladies cross the street"." build have NO JJ and 1.5 tons left. :D
    Oh my version on the build.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 3, 2014
  11. tfun90

    tfun90 Advanced Member

    I kind of liked dual cERLPLas. They reach to 600M, and the short beam time saves you some return fire. Back it up with a cERMLas or some MGs if you like.

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