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WVR-7D "Salamandyre" (1xLB10-X, 2xSRM4, 1xMPLas, MASC, 3xJJ, XL300)

Discussion in 'WVR-7D' started by HctPeace69, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. HctPeace69

    HctPeace69 Well-Known Member


    Low cooldown and lightweight srm4's work with the MPLas and LB10-X to remove armor, and really lay havoc on exposed components. Not the highest alpha but decent, and able to really lay down some real pain on anyone not focusing on you. Being so nimble with the XL300, MASC, and 3x JJ's should allow you many opportunities to catch people off-guard.

    Finally found a build that feels like it just fits the 7D(L). Ideally used as a guerrilla flanker, using the MASC and JJ's to hit enemies from behind or side. Got some screens of the game I mastered the 7D and got over 700 damage and solokilled a direwolf, 2 KMDD, etc, but cant get imgur pics to display properly. Not stupendous, but pretty good for a the 7D(L)!

    Burst damage with low cooldown weapons, and the perfect amount of maneuverability in my opinion. I think for some reason this variant suffers with anything less that 300 engine, but maybe that's just me.

    MASC in, get a few salvos off with each weapon group, and MASC out. Stay near your team and try to get targets for them, use your jump jets to get on the side or behind your targets, and hit them from multiple directions.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2016

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