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  1. Excalibaard posted a new thread.

    CTF-0XP "Pulse Pellet" (1xLBX20, 4xMPL, ECM, STD295)

    [MEDIA] MPLS to open up, shotgun to finish off. STD290 if you want a bit more armor but people target your torso anyway.

    Forum: CTF-0XP

    Sep 19, 2017 at 1:07 PM
  2. Archwright replied to the thread 2017 Annual Rewards Program.

    I was considering some cosmetic upgrades, so a free Urbie would be cool. I'd only run it "for the lolz," tho.

    Sep 19, 2017 at 12:39 PM
  3. Excalibaard liked CarloArmato's post in the thread HBK-IIC-A "Igor" (4xcERLL, 4xcERSL, TC1, 2xJJ, cXL255).

    Classic long range vomit laser build with some self defense capability at close range. [MEDIA] Heat efficiency without the small lasers...

    Sep 19, 2017 at 11:56 AM
  4. Excalibaard posted a new thread.

    JM6-A "Jaws" (4xSSRM6, 2xML, 2xLMG, BAP, LE300)

    [MEDIA] A Swatter jagermech to surprise any lights that get too close with 24 streak missiles and LMGs to crit out components or legs. the...

    Forum: JM6-A

    Sep 19, 2017 at 10:49 AM
  5. Excalibaard posted a new thread.

    Reaver "Reveree" (3xLPL, 1xERML, TC2, AMS, LE300)

    [MEDIA] Adjusted from the 4LPL build, this mech can do the same thing, but gets AMS, TC, a fast light engine and good heat efficiency by...

    Forum: Reaver

    Sep 19, 2017 at 5:58 AM
  6. Excalibaard replied to the thread CPLT-C4 Loki the Deceiver (4x SRM6+A, 2x MLas, XL315).

    New tech update: [MEDIA] Skip some DHS to get JJs an/or more ammo (though your arms will get shot off and you have ammo skills to make up...

    Sep 18, 2017 at 2:46 PM
  7. dranozir posted a new thread.

    BL-7-KNT "Mid Knight" (9xERML, STD350)


    Forum: BL-7-KNT

    Sep 18, 2017 at 1:06 PM
  8. Excalibaard replied to the thread MAL-1P "Battery" (2xMRM40, 4xML, 4LMG, TC1, LE300).

    Oh and I made one with more DHS because you tend to run a bit hot. [MEDIA]

    Sep 18, 2017 at 12:06 PM
  9. Excalibaard posted a new thread.

    MAL-1P "Battery" (2xMRM40, 4xML, 4LMG, TC1, LE300)

    [MEDIA] Never stop crafting! This is still probably the best chassis for double phat murms, and this build ain't afraid to show it!

    Forum: MAL-1P

    Sep 18, 2017 at 12:05 PM
  10. Excalibaard posted a new thread.

    MAL-1P "Snip" (4xSNPPC, 4xLMG, TC1, STD325)

    [MEDIA] Don't alpha, murder things. the lower arm actuators and LMGs make it hard to fit heatsinks, so you don't gain much space from...


    Forum: MAL-1P

    Sep 18, 2017 at 11:28 AM
  11. Spheroid posted a new thread.

    AWS-8Q "Bruticus" (3xLPL, 4xML, TC1, BAP, LE300)

    [MEDIA] [IMG]

    Forum: AWS-8Q

    Sep 18, 2017 at 5:28 AM
  12. Excalibaard posted a new thread.

    UM-R63 "Tread Lightly" (3xLPPC, 3xLMG, JJ, TC1, XL180) +Alt

    [MEDIA] and here's a version with more jumpjets for poptarting: [MEDIA] and an adaptation of that which simply adds more LMG ammo and...

    Forum: UM-R63

    Sep 18, 2017 at 3:40 AM
  13. Excalibaard replied to the thread Bounty Hunter II 'Hot Vom' (3xLPL, 4xML, 1xJJ, STD300).

    nice edits, I put in the ES and LE, to mount a TC. The extra range is nice for a hot build like this, as you can stay better in cover....

    Sep 18, 2017 at 3:19 AM