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What are the Code of Conduct on MechSpecs?

Welcome to the MechSpecs forums
, an MWO discussion forum, targeted towards topics regarding high-end mech customization, mix/maxing and analysis of game mechanics.

First, a point of clarification. We work on a Three Strikes System. Your third strike will be your last.

The people that participate here at MechSpecs are some of the best pilots out there. We have high standards for the discussion that occurs herein, and are quite unapologetic about it. If you feel our rules are stupid or arbitrary, we don't really care. If you don't wish to follow them, you are welcome to return to the official Mechwarrior Online forums and participate in the chaos over there.

The following is our Code of Conduct. You are expected to adhere to these protocols as they are put in place to make this community run smoother than some of the other MWO boards out there.

Please keep in mind that our goal is to promote good old fashioned clean(ish) fun, as well as informed discussion, or even debate, on all things related to MechWarrior Online; however we wish to do this in an environment free of toxicity and bullshit.


While this Code of Conduct is a guideline to help our moderation staff deal with problematic issues, it is by no means final; each case will be weighed by the Moderation Team and dealt with according to the actual severity of the incident. While we generally utilize a Three Strikes Rule, if you break these rules to a degree, that warrants immediate banning, trust that you will receive it.

How do I get access to the Benefactors' Bar in Valhalla?

Upgrade your account.
Seriously. Premium Content members get a whole slew of things available to them that are not available to regular registered members. This includes things like the removal of all google ads, access to the Benefactors' Bar, access to our Bookmarking tool to help you keep builds readily available for reading and tracking and also you get access to our premium video and guide content.

How do I post a Smurfy code on MechSpecs?

On the old site
you had to put in a bunch of BBCode like [ smurfy ] and [ / smurfy ] type codes (without the spaces) but on the new site it is easy peasy!!!!! See below...


That is it! Just paste in the smurfy link and make sure it says https:// in the front and you are all set. Easy Peasy!

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST do this right the first time otherwise XenForo will assume it is a regular link and parse it as a clickable line. Once that is done you have to remove it entirely and start over again or use the broken chain link to turn it to regular text.

How do I title the subject of my builds on MechSpecs?

In order to make builds easy to search, aesthetically pleasing and uniform, there's a particular way in which you should name your builds. Not doing so could make your builds difficult to find, make people uninclined to check it out, or might attract the wrath of the mods! You can always look at other builds in the forum to check if you're doing it right!

It is very simple:

Battlemechs (IS & Clan): MODEL > NAME > ( > WEAPONS > EQUIPMENT > ENGINE > ) +Alt?*

Omnimechs (Clan only)**: MODEL > NAME > ( > WEAPONS > EQUIPMENT > ) +Alt?* +Omni?**

JR7-D Grimm Variant (4xMLas, 2xSSRM2, AMS, XL300)
TBR-C Burninator5000 (2xcLPL, 2xcSRM6+A, 3xcERML, TC3, cAP) +Omni

The brackets are always () and not []
Also use a comma in between and not +
Go nuts with the name, as long as it follows the code of conduct and allows for a proper abbreviation of the build!

*Some builders will have multiple alternatives for their build. Instead of abbreviating the alternate build(s), simply put "+Alt" in the title.
Alternative builds can include changes to anything that isn't the weapon loadout. An exception are weapons of the same weight, type, and crit slot size.

  • Change hardpoint locations: ALT
  • Change Engine rating for different armor, ammo, or equipment: ALT
  • Change LL for ERLL: ALT
  • Change LL for LPL: NO ALT
  • Change AC2 for AC5: NO ALT
  • Change cAC2 for cUAC2: NO ALT
**Because Omnimechs have a fixed engine, it is not necessary to mention it in the title.
While Omnimechs can mix-'n-match variant components, the Center Torso defines which mech model it is, thus only the variant of the Center Torso component should be written in the build title. PRIME variants should be abbreviated as 'PR'. If the Center Torso of other variants can also be used for this build, indicate this by writing 'Omni' behind your entire build title and list all possible variants in the post itself.

Now there are three things to keep in mind while summarizing the build between brackets;

1. Uniform abbreviations!
If people want to find your build by looking for the weapons loadout, they should know exactly what to search for. that's why you should always use the same abbreviations for the weapon systems. These abbreviations are simplified to Letters and Numbers only, so there is no confusion about where to put a particular slash or dash. Just put them in the trash.
All Clan specific weapons (and most tech) should have a lower-case "c" in front of it when it says 'clan', regardless if there is no IS equivalent.

Autocannon 20 = AC20; not: AC/20
ER Large Laser = ERLL or ERLLas
Clan ER Medium Laser = cERML
LB-10-X Autocannon = LBX10* not: LB10X, LBX-10
Clan LB-2-X Autocannon = cLBX2*​

*For simplicity and preventing a glitch with the search function, abbreviate LB-X Autocannons like this; letters first, then numbers.

If you have Artemis equipped for your missile systems, write this as '+A' after each affected weapon.

Clan SRM6 with Artemis: cSRM6+A, not cSRM6A

The 'Targeting Computer' and 'MASC' equipment should be abbreviated as TC# / MASC#. The # is a number that indicates the level of targeting computer used. All other equipment is straightforward in terms of abbreviation.

Targeting Computer mk. V: TC5​

2. More damaging weapons in front
The weapons that deal the most damage should be in front, followed by weapons that deal the second-most damage, etc. This applies to individual weapons, not combined!

AC20 = 20 damage
Gauss = 15 damage
SRM6 = 12 damage
PPC = 10 damage
MPL= 6 damage
ML = 5 damage​

And so on and so on....

3. Amount of weapons
It's important to list how many of a certain weapon are equipped on a mech. This is done by putting a '#x' in front - where # is the quantity of that weapon - without a space. Due to the way the search function works, it's important that the weapon and it's quantity are connected as if one word. Also, make sure that it's exactly in the form of "number, lower-case 'x'." This is to prevent confusion with the LBX weapons.

CN9-YLW YaoYao's Wang (1xAC20, 2xMLas, STD275)
CPLT-C1 Grimm Variant (2xLRM15+A, 3xMLas, TAG, BAP, AMS, XL300)


This is done so that people can use the search feature and easily find builds based on the type of play style they have.

Play like a sniper? Do a Search in topic subjects only for keywords "Gauss", "2xPPC" or "3xAC5" for example.

Want to know what other mech builds use that expensive XL340 you got? Do a search for "XL340" and a list of all the mech builds that mention an XL340 on our site will pop up.

Want to know what mech builds run ECM? Do a Search in topic subjects only for "ECM" and a list of all the builds with ECM on board will pop up then you can quickly scan what other systems are on board and make your decisions.

What happens to my build if my subject is incorrect?

It will sit there looking silly
however, if it has been reported, chances are a Moderator will come and re-title the build the way it is supposed to be done. Failing that, the Administrator will simply delete all your hard work because he is busy and you should know better.

How can I get rid of the Google Ads on MechSpecs?

Why would you want to?

It takes money to keep this site going; currently around $500.00 per year in hosting and bandwidth costs. Why not contribute to keeping the community open by clicking on an Ad every once in a while (assuming you find them interesting). Do your part in keeping the #1 MechWarrior Online non-official community alive! Slacker!

Another thing you can do is upgrade your account. This WILL get rid of the Google Ads as you are helping keep us open through a membership model. Premium members get different things but that is outlined in a different FAQ ;)

How do I post a YouTube video on MechSpecs?

This is another really easy question to answer
. See below...


That is it! Post the link into the box and click CREATE THREAD. Viola, done!
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