Casual ANH-1A "Slugger" (2xAC10, 2xRAC2, LAMS, LFE300)

Thread in 'ANH-1A' started by renzor51, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. renzor51

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    Made this on an ANH-1A after seeing something similar in the '2A' thread called 'The Punisher'. The 1A has a nice cooldown quirk for the AC10. Great DPS.

  2. Rugbypig

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    6 armour in an Anni head = dead
    Remove the light ferro armour and one ton AC10 ammo (from Head) then insert Endosteel
    Remove the light engine and insert a STD 300
    Replace the 2 heatsinks (1 is better add armour for twisting with) in the engine and armour up the head to 18 and use remainder on the CT and weak arm (Or a 1/2 ton AC10 if you feel the build is ammo shy)
    Transfer RAC2 ammo in CT to head

    1) Will not gain heat with torso loss - light engine heat will hurt this mech with torso loss
    2) Will not slow down with torso loss - slowing down to the same speed as a stock Urbie = dead
    3) By removing the AC10 ammo (point 2 above) from the CT gives you a better chance to survive - 24 rounds (no ammo mods) before you empty the CT ammo bin is a long time in a slow mech with a fat CT - 12 is just 6 shots
    4) As RAC has spin up and unless someone is slow and does not use cover to approach using ammo early in the match for the RAC is slow - you are more likely to use up the ton of AC10
    5) Armouring up the weak arm gives better twisting protection for that deadly gun torso.

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