AWS-8R Heavy Missile Support (4x LRM10, 2x MLas, TAG, BAP, AMS, STD300)

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  1. Blagg Zear

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    Original "Balanced-Boat" Version

    Alternate "Awesome-Ammo" Version by dropping AMS:

    Alternate "Cool-Coke" Version by dropping AMS:

    Alternate "Ultimate" Version by dropping AMS:

    [size=14pt]Guide Table of Contents

    - Introduction
    - Pros & Cons
    - Weaponloadout
    - Gameplay
    - Synopsis
    - Records
    - Gameplay Videos
    (by testers - upcoming?)


    Hello fearsome Mechwarrior

    Welcome to my latest build for the awesome AWS-8R, for the first time with a completely new Layout based on the template i created recently Why am I writing this build+guide, while there is already that fantastic+popular "Wooosh!" build of FuzzyBunny here at Mechspecs? Well, my Ambition is always to create builds, which can compete with the best. :rofl:

    I already had some older+similar attempts for the AWS-8R, which worked very well in the past as you can see in the testrun.scores, but still i was uncontent with the Heat Penalties since this summer, so whenever i had the time i tested a new secret build based on FuzzyBunny's, but which can present you significant improvements to your gameplay with the AWS-8R!

    And here it is finally - the release of my Heavy Missile Support Build, which is dedicated to all AWS-8R Lovers and especially to FuzzyBunny, who i will always respect for his original idea! Have fun reading+testing this and enjoy causing havoc on your enemies.



    [*]Strong Indirect Long Range Firepower + high DPS (Chainfire Mode)
    [*]Decent Cooling
    [*]Improved Survivability via STANDARD ENGINE
    [*]Max possible Speed
    [*]Plenty of Ammo for Sustained Battles
    [*]All the extra Stuff: TAG, BAP, AMS
    [*]Simply Awesome


    Only two Medium Lasers for Defense/Very weak at Range below 180m[sup][1][/sup]
    Ammo at CT + left Arm requires a safe gameplay[sup][2][/sup]

    If you play properly, you rarely use the Medium Lasers. If you play properly, you use up those Ammo relatively fast


    Quad LRM10 is indeed not as impressive as Quad LRM15, but if you played the Quad LRM15 Build, you maybe have experienced that especially on the hotter Maps (like Mountain Doom) you will get overheated very quickly due to the annoying Heat Penalty Rule. While firing Quad LRM10 at once together is still very hot, you can keep a more sustained Chainfire Time. Besides dropping the size on all four Pods makes it possible to use the freed tonnage (8 tons!) for running a more safe Standard Engine and some extra nice stuff.


    Drop Prep

    In this section i tell you some general things about playing LRM.Boats, because there is nothing special about this build. So if you are familiar with playing LRM.Boats, simply skip this section. All other dudes, who are playing this role for first time or having problem to play properly should take a look at least.

    Weapon Grouping
    1. Quad LRMs (Chainfire)
    2. Quad LRMs (Combined)
    3. TAG (Keep Activated)
    4. MLas (Combined)

    Keep in Mind that you still are fragile with the large Torso.Hitbox in the Awesome, even with a Standard Engine! Gameplay is as always with LRM.Boats - you stay in the third/back line of your Mob supporting the first line Mechs against incoming enemies with sustained Chainfire & finishing off heavyly wounded Fools with Alpha-Volleys ONLY IF you have a direct line of sight with Hard-Lock OR having someone, who hard-locks for you. Whenever you have the feeling, that you can't hard-lock on someone, don't waste Missiles!

    Your Role: Indirect Firesupport

    In the Early Game Phase you should tell your mates, that you play LRM.Boat and they should support you with TAG/Locks. The first enemies you will encounter are scouting Lights. Some of them will try to TAG your Team for their own LRM.Boats. If you see them, DON'T fire your Missiles at them, not yet! They are fast enough to get back to cover and usually you lose the Lock on them very quickly. I don't have to tell you, that you should NOT hunt the Lights, whenever they try to provoke you in close encounters in the Early Game Phase. Just scare them away with your MLas and stay with your Group. Primarly spot the more dangerous & slow Heavy/Assault Enemies, but also be patient enough to get the opportunity for a Hard-Lock. In most cases this will be when your mates are encountering the enemies in Brawls and having visual contact - this is your chance to start your Support! If you get enough opportunities to fire your missiles, you should use up the Ammo at CT very quickly. The left arm with some tons of explosive Ammo can be a weakpoint if you get hit unluckily, especially on the "Awesome-Ammo" Version. So try to avoid damage there by TorsoTwisting!

    In the Mid Game Phase when both Mobs are clashing against each other, you still aim for the Heavies/Assaults to disrupt their Attacks with non-stop screen-shakes. While you are attacking with your Missiles, you should not let your own's guard down - with the visible stream of missiles you will attract some foes, who are aiming for killing off LRM.Boats. Always stay near environmental objects to quickly get behind cover, whenever you get counterfire. Torsotwisting for spreading incoming damage is a must to keep the damage at your big torso as low as possible. If everything goes properly in teamfights, you should be able to take out several fools or at least could deal enough damage so that your mates could kill most of the enemies.

    In the End Game Phase usually the Lights are the only left survivors. It is important that you still stay with at least one other mate, when you hunt the Lights, because smart Lights-Pilots would quickly find out that you are weak below 180m.


    Your Role:
    • Indirect Firesupport
    • Safe Attacks from third line, waiting for opportunities for sustained Heavy Missile Chainfire Rains
    • finishing off wounded enemies with Alpha-Volleys
    • avoid incoming fire by using the environment for quick covering
    Other Matters:
    • communicate with your mates for LOCK-Support
    • stick to your mates to have yourself protected against Attackers below 180m
    It is an option to drop 0.5 ton of Armor for using C.A.S.E. to store Ammo in one of the Sidetorsos instead in the left Arm, but personally i prefer to have more Armor and play more safely.

    Ok, now get your AWS-8R ready and slaughter some foes. For any questions or feedback simply post me here. :rolleyes:


    some testrounds with the original "balanced-boat" version

    As you can see the common damage is round about respectful 700+ each match (with chances to go higher with the "awesome-ammo" version). Most times your first line mates will take the final blows on wounded enemies in teamfights with their faster direct fireweapons, leading to low Kill-Rates on your side, but that's ok - it's about successful Teamplay! Often you will run out of ammo with 1440 missiles in the End Game Phase forcing you to fight with your MLas only. So use your Missiles wisely!




    Blagg Zear
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  2. Michael

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    Fancy schmancy!!!!

    I don't even own an Awesome so can't really vote but A+ for presentation.
  3. Cyanid7

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    Hey Blagg,

    thanks a lot for this lovely guide and presentation!

    I often run my AWS-8R, cause i just love it. Til now, i ran 2xALRM15+2xALRM10 and Quad ALRM15. I will give this baby a try for sure & will provide feedback.
  4. Blagg Zear

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    always at service and appreciate a lot to have your feedback.. :)
  5. Voivode

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    Nice. Been running the quad LRM10 build on this guy for a while. VERY effective.
  6. Blagg Zear

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    ***new sexy banners***
  7. Aylek

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    You could combine the 'cool running' and the 'lots-of-ammo' versions all the while adding Artemis IV when replacing two LRM10s with a single LRM15. Five less missiles in a volley, but less spread as well. Might be worth a try.

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  8. Blagg Zear

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    I like your Idea, but I'd rather do this to keep LRM40 Missilestrikepower:

    Or it's underpowered for a 80tonner imo. Even 65tonners can do more Strikepower. :rolleyes:
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  9. I_AM_ZHOUL!!!

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    Great presentation Blagg!!!! Just got a 8R and put together this build yesterday... always nice to check how good my builds are in comparison. No tweaks needed
  10. Aylek

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    Testing this with the new -12% CD module. Awesome Awesome...
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