AWS-8R "Light Club" (2x PPC, 4x SSRM2, 1x MPlas, STD300)

Thread in 'AWS-8R' started by SniperCzar, May 6, 2013.

  1. SniperCzar

    SniperCzar Well-Known Member

    This was created as a test machine for me to evaluate BAP and also an anti-ECM machine back when light pilots first started (ab)using it, but I shelved it and it never saw much use. Getting a PPC hit and then having your target stay in LoS for long enough to pop streaks was too much of a chore most of the time. The situation improved slightly with hit detection changes, but it still wasn't where I wanted it. With the coming BAP buff, this build will likely start bashing on lights like it's always dreamed of doing.

    The MPL is mostly on there as a deterrent for multi-ECM swarms to keep from being completely overrun. With the new BAP it can easily be dropped for two tons more ammo or heatsinks if desired. This mech also does well against less experienced pilots in larger mechs, alternating the streaks and PPCs into their chest does lots of damage and shake for not much heat. If you can keep your target in optimal PPC range, you can do well in a brawl.
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  2. Marukeru

    Marukeru Benefactor

    I like this build, likely because I am a fan of the 4x SSRM 2.

    Though I like the build, I felt no need for the MPL, and dropped it for a DHS, 1t SSRM ammo and upgraded the PPCs to ER PPCs

    Whatya think? This allows it to run as a Direct Fire Support role on most maps, and it can defend itself with the quad SSRM2 which will push most any 'mech away from you.
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  3. Dwergi

    Dwergi Well-Known Member

    It'll all be a bit of a moot point once they nerf PPCs into the ground.
  4. SniperCzar

    SniperCzar Well-Known Member

    Looks interesting, but I'd have to test it. ERPPC is only really needed in brawling range, at that point you might be better off packing two SRM4s. 1PPC 1ERPPC 2SSRM 2SRM4 might be a more fun brawling build that's not totally devoted to scout repellant for your team. The 2PPC streaks streaks rotation on the weapons is quite good at stripping armor on assault mechs though, so it could be fun to try.

    Dropping the MPL for me will probably only happen after the BAP buff. At this point I still hate getting swarmed by a pair of ECM scouts and being close to helpless. Though I have gotten a quite a few finisher kills nibbling with it when saving ammo/heat on a nearly dead enemy.
  5. The Verge

    The Verge Moderator Staff Member

    With the new BAP implemented, I think this mech has good potential. Good sniping, and great brawling potential in the OP build. unfortunately, they did nerf SSRM's, so I can only give it a 4-5

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