KFX-PR "Clan's 4x" (2xcLPL, TC1, 2xJJ)

Discussion in 'Kit Fox Builds' started by CarloArmato, Feb 25, 2017.

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    I was surprised nobody thought about this build: it's basically the clan's version of the RVN-4X (2xLPL, 1xJJ)

    I've swapped some omni-pods (left leg and left torso) for the jump jets and 5% energy weapon cooldown.
    The arms are completely stripped of armor, but they have a +20 armor quirk, so they can still be used as shield or LRM soak.

    You can make a "pure" Purifier build by using only its original omnipods, but despite the 10% range bonus and 5% laser duration quirks, I don't think it's worth it without jump jets.
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