MDD-C "Punchline" (1xcLBX20, 6xcSRM6)

Discussion in 'Mad Dog Builds' started by krevLL, Jun 3, 2017.

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    Funny story, the new skill tree? Missile spread might be a bit OP since it seems to help a lot with non-AIV SRM setups. Well, from what I've found in my games with different builds. I won't say that you don't need Artemis, but in this case with max spread reduction, you don't need it. Anyways, the build;

    So your right side is to soak up whatever damage you can, so twist when not shooting, but make sure you keep your left side intact. If you for some reason have a preference or seem to keep the right side more often, omnipods got you covered. You got range, sure, like, maybe just shy of 300m of it. So make sure you stay fresh unless your team really needs the extra armor shared. Work with your brawlers (I won't say assaults, specifically, because LRMs are meta now) and wreck some shit. Don't alpha because the ghost heat isn't worth it, and only having 12 heatsinks means that you can overheat quickly.

    A little tricky and sometimes frustrating to play, it's rewarding to let loose and rack up damage.

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