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NTG-D "Baby Bear" (3 LBX10, 5 Flamers)

Discussion in 'Night Gyr Builds' started by Drifter, May 30, 2017.

  1. Drifter

    Drifter New Member

    If you are a fan of the 4 LBX10 KDK-3, you will enjoy this. Its a bit more maneuverable then the current skill tree KDK, and packs one less LBX10, but it plays similarly, with that familiar feel. The ability to poptart the LBXs was pretty spectacular, it is a concise, easy shot to land, and pretty devastating at short range. It works really well in situations like HPG, Polar, and Grim where a ridge line and a few hundred meters is all that stands between you and the enemy.

    In a brawling situation the flamers are absolutely brutal. You can get your opponent from 0 to 90 heat before the yellow bar runs out. A few lasers is all it takes for him to shut himself down, and let you unload. It runs cool enough that you can ride the flamers past the bar when necessary. With the Night Gyr's immunity to ambient heat, and the threat of flamers, it makes for a particularly nice brawler on hot maps.

    The ammo can be a touch vulnerable, and you would always love to have more speed in a brawler, but it is fun to play and is much more effective then you might think at first blush.

    Last edited: May 30, 2017
  2. Rosinante

    Rosinante Junior Member

    pretty much same build as this from "P" except Flamers but i like the mini lbx10 kodiak ;)
    only thing i have to say is u cant tank much dmg not like the real Kodiak but if u go second line fire support it´s pretty nice
    NTG-B "Blunderbuss" (3xcLBX10, 3xMG)

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